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Belbaladi: An embarrassing situation.. Nawal Al Zoghbi prevents Latifa from singing in “Trio Night” (video) in Baladi The Tunisian star Latifa performed last night the song “I love you in love” at the “Trio Night” concert, accompanied by the two stars Nancy Ajram and Nawal Al Zoghbi, who caught the eye with a movement while singing.

The clip of Nawal Al Zoghbi singing with Latifa became circulated on social media because of a funny situation, where it was Nawal’s turn to sing and Latifa almost sang with her, but the first one removed the microphone from her to prevent her from participating.

Latifa responded laughing while Nawal Al Zoghbi continued to sing.

Some found it a spontaneous move by Nawal Al Zoghbi to prove that she had memorized the words “I love you in love” and that Latifa wanted to help her, while others saw that it was a competition for singing and that Nawal prevented Latifa from interrupting her performance.

Latifa Nawal Al Zoghbi Trio Night
Latifa Nawal Al Zoghbi Trio Night
Latifa Nawal Al Zoghbi Trio Night
Latifa Nawal Al Zoghbi Trio Night
Latifa Nawal Al Zoghbi Trio Night

The song “I Love You” is sung by Latifa, composed by Salah Al-Sharnoubi, written by Abdel-Wahhab Mohamed, and arranged by Tarek Akef.

The “Trio Night” concert was organized by the Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and 12 male and female stars from the most prominent singers in the Arab world participated in it.

The ceremony was attended by Najwa Karam, Nawal Al Zoghbi, Elissa, Nancy Ajram, Saber Al-Rubai, Walid Tawfiq, Wael Kfoury, Angham, Baha Sultan, Assi Al-Hillani, Latifa, and Asala.

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It is noteworthy that Nawal Al Zoghbi’s latest song was called “Hala”, produced by Lifestyle Studios, directed by Fadi Haddad, and the song is written by Hani Saroo, composed by Ahmed Zaeem, distributed by Amr Al Khodary.

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