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Belgium: measures reflecting current developments in COVID-19, measures in place in BE until 30.9.2021 and from 1.10.2021

Friday 17.9. In 2021, a month later, another meeting of Belgian officials was held in order to assess the epidemiological situation in the country and determine measures that reflect the current situation in light of the delta option and return from the summer vacation abroad.

17.9 Advisory Committee. In 2021, after a long discussion, he decided to ease COVID-19 measures. After opening hours restrictions for bars and restaurants were abolished in September, the maximum number of people at one table or standing in a bar was a generally in effect federal rule (the so-called socle fédéral). From October 1, 2021 It eliminated the obligation of blinds in public places, shops and restaurants, and allowed nightclubs, discos and bars to reopen with a Covid-safe-ticket, provided areas can decide otherwise locally again. This is the case with the capital BrusselsWhere, among other things, the veil remains mandatory, Even on public transport or at airports and railway stations. On the contrary, Flanders will cancel the general obligation to veil, and Wallonia has postponed its decision to cancel this obligation in light of the situation in Liege. as far as Communication professions (Medical professions, hairdressers, masseurs, etc.) remain The duty of hijab is safeguarded everywhere.

Note A Covid-Safe-Ticket will be given to anyone who proves that they have been fully vaccinated with two doses of an approved vaccine, have tested negative in the past 72 hours or have had COVID in the past six months. It should be used on all occasions where more than 500 people gather indoors or more than 750 people gather outside.

The previous decision of the Advisory Committee was from September 2021 canceled Restrictions on guests in a home environment (8 people), and a strong recommendation to work from home. However, the government has asked companies to keep home office space. Dancing at weddings is permitted everywhere, and dancing in bars remains prohibited until October 1.

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The current measures are valid in BE until 30.9.2021 and from 1.10.2021

Vaccination in Belgium (Data as of 9/17/21)

More than 70% of Belgian adults and residents of the country are fully vaccinated with two doses (or a recent dose), with approximately 85% receiving one dose of two vaccines, with significant variation between regions: Brussels Most likely, even in terms of demographics, it bites a little more than 50%.

Anyone with a report of residency in BE born in 1990 or earlier can book a vaccination appointment through the Bru-Vax platform. The waiting list is open to people from 12 years old.

From Monday 14.6. 2021 May in Brussels Anyone who is not immunized and over 65 years old to visit any vaccination center without having to make an appointment.

It has been circulating since mid-July Vaccine Buswho offers a single-dose vaccination to wait without prior agreement.


from 1 september There has been a change in the testing regime after returning from the EU’s red zones abroad. new A PCR test on the first or second day and another test on the seventh day after return is mandatory. It is not necessary to observe quarantine between the two tests. However, those who test positive must be isolated.

More to test

From October 1, 2021, it was also decided to abolish the paper version of the PLF form, while introducing an abbreviated and simplified form of its electronic version.

Non-residents arriving in Belgium are subject to rules similar to those for Belgians and residents. No quarantine or testing will be required upon arrival from the green or orange zone. Travelers from the red zone within the European Union or so-called “white list” countries will be allowed to enter a European digital certificate BE confirming at least two weeks of complete vaccination, up to a maximum of 72 hours from a PCR test or previous illness certificate.

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For those coming from outside the EU, they must be fully vaccinated with an EU approved vaccine (EMA: Currently BioNTech, Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and CureVac awaiting approval) and pass the PCR test on the day of arrival in Belgium. In the case of a positive test, quarantine will be mandatory.

For BE, the Czech Republic is currently still completely green, and the address can be used to control continuously Color code by country | Coronavirus COVID-19 ( , Final This map is interactive.

Quarantine and tests are the responsibility of the Belgian local authorities (municipalities and regions), so it is always essential to check the current rules at your place of residence in Belgium.

Complete information on current measures and travel

Full press release dated 17/09/2021