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Belqis releases the clip for her new song "Endha" .. in the video

Belqis releases the clip for her new song “Endha” .. in the video

Cairo – Dot Gulf Sunday, June 20, 2021 – 22:10

Today, Belqis Fathi released a video clip for her new song, “Enaha.”

Belqis presents her new song “Encha”

The artist, Belqis Fathi, surprised the audience today by releasing a video clip of her new song “End” on her YouTube channel, and the song received a great interaction from the audience after Belqis promoted the song a few days ago, as she published several clips of the song’s lyrics on her accounts on the communication sites before revealing the new song that She continues to release the songs of her new album, “Halaat Jadeeda”, and the song is written by Meshari Ibrahim, composed by Abdel Aziz Elwes and distributed by Ali Al-Matrouk.

Balqis releases the fourth song from her new album

The song “Entaha” Dot Al Khaleej is considered the fourth work of Belqis’ album 2021, “A New Case.” At the beginning of this year, it released a video clip for the song “Halaat Jadeeda”, before it released a song in the Lebanese dialect, “Khaf Ali”, and recently released a duet with Saif Nabil in The song “Maybe” in the Iraqi dialect, which met with great success on YouTube and communication sites, and released today the fourth video of the album in the song “End”, and Belqis longed the audience for the rest of the album’s songs in the coming period.

Balqis new album 2021

Belqis had said in previous statements to her that she will release a new song from the album every period and is currently working on preparing a song in the Egyptian dialect and would like to make a big fuss with it and not just an experience in the Egyptian dialect, in addition to preparing it for a song in the Iraqi dialect in the coming period, and plans to release several songs Arabic dialects, so that the album includes all dialects, and this is considered one of the album’s most prominent surprises, after its experience in the Gulf and Lebanese dialects.

Balqis recently celebrated the birthday of her son, Turki Al-Thaliq, and published through her account on “Instagram” videos and photos of her during the celebration of her son’s birthday, and showed the features of her son for the first time, and Belqis appeared in the videos while interacting with the children and wrote a comment on the video that she published, so she wrote: “Sitting With the kids, we had a lot of fun at a Turkish party, and watch the party on Snap.

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