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PENNY: Bez včel bychom přišli o 60% potravin

Benny: Without bees, we’d lose 60% of our food

Benny: Without bees, we'd lose 60% of our food

PENNY decided to show what our grocery stores would look like without bees. So, for one day, she removed from her store in Prague Uhříněvsi all the products that could not be produced and that people would not be able to buy if there were no bees in the world. And so customers were waiting for a store where 60 percent of the products offered were missing.

“We are aware of the primary impact of our activity on the environment. We use nature for our lives, for our comfort and convenience, often not realizing how important it is to take care of it so as not to lose what it provides us. Globally, the decline of bees is critical. According to some studies, more than 50% of bee colonies worldwide in the last 20 years.This is affected, for example, by climatic changes, severe drought or excessive use of chemicals in pursuit of the highest possible agricultural yields.So we consider it important to draw attention to this fact As you can see on this day in our shop in Uhříněvsi, Prague, the share of bees in food production is significant.” Jens Krieger, CEO of PENNY, says: “Bees can live without us, and we cannot live without them. They are the most important pollinators. Only thanks to bees we have a large amount of vegetables and fruits, but also some types of nuts, oils and other products. Of the 100 plant species that make up 90% of the world’s food production, the Most of them are pollinated by bees! Some crops disappear completely without bees, for example cocoa, coffee or vanilla. Without bees, we humans would face a real food crisis. That is why we decided to draw attention to this problem in this unique way, that is, by eliminating all products whose production depends on bees.”

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Therefore, on Wednesday, July 13, 2022, the PENNY store in Prague Uhříněvsi welcomed customers without all the products that could not be produced without the contribution of bees. PENNY has removed from the list not only products that contain honey, but also products whose production bees are involved in pollination, or products that will not be on the list because they contain these products. “It was literally a piece of work. First of all, we set a limit on when a certain product could no longer be produced or produced in a certain formula or with a certain taste. Then we reviewed the composition of thousands of products. As a result, we removed 60% of our products from our offering for the day!” It is not only about fruits, vegetables, or products containing honey, but also about oils, pastries, spices, sweets, flavored dairy products, jams, juices, and many other products.” Describes the preparation for the event, Peter Bowdish, Head of Quality.

“I am happy for any event that draws the public’s attention to how important bees are and how important their care is in our daily lives. As a beekeeper, I am well aware of the contribution of bees to nature and other types of animals and plants. It can also be expressed in numbers – 84% of plant species and 76% From food production depends on bee pollination.Thanks to the economic support of the state and the European Union, the number of bee colonies in the Czech Republic has stabilized and even increased in recent years.We currently have more than 60,000 beekeepers who maintain nearly 700,000 bee colonies.If we compare these numbers with European countries The other, we are among the most stable countries in Europe.The Ministry of Agriculture contributes to the development of beekeeping with national subsidies, which last year exceeded 104 million kroner.Other contributions are intended for education and beekeeping associations.European funds also help improve the conditions for the production and sale of beekeeping products, It is currently about 65 million kroner per year.The good news is that under the Common Agricultural Policy, nearly twice the previous funds will go to support beekeeping from European subsidies, nearly 110 million crowns annually. Agriculture Minister Zdeněk Nikola (KDU-ČSL) said.

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The importance of bees in global food production is estimated at 500 billion euros, which is approximately 13 trillion crowns. “Producing food is one thing, and the impact on the environment is another. Just imagine what our country and landscape would look like without plants being pollinated by bees. Naturally, their degradation will occur and they will gradually disappear from the landscape. For example, our national tree – linden is completely dependent on bee pollination, and there Dozens of these plants and trees,” Bohumil Černý, director of the Prague City Botanical Garden and Ing. Dalibor Tetura of the Beekeeping Research Institute adds: The condition and quality of bee colonies are mainly influenced by three factors which are the shrinking of the living space, when the agricultural land and its natural environment decrease, then the climatic changes and associated drought periods, and last but not least the use of means. To increase agricultural yield any chemical preparations that we use for this purpose. In general, there is a significant decrease in bee colonies in the world. In the Czech Republic, we are a nation of beekeepers, and any kind of care for bees helps, but this is a global problem.”

PENNY provides a home for 2 million bees in a total of 58 hives located at the company’s headquarters in Radonice and at central warehouses in Jirny u Prahy, Lipník nad Bečvou and Dobřany. The typical beehives used by most beekeepers in the Czech Republic are used. Painted with red-brown paint, Singer F1 bees are selected as bee queens, which is a guarantee of sobriety, non-stinging, non-spawning and good productivity, due to its characteristics, it is also suitable for breeding bee colonies in the city center. In the past few days, the first honey of the year has been rolled.

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