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Better cut than Stangora. The calculator shows how painful the disability is

The council published the new calculator in response to the newly formed government’s intention to reduce the budget deficit planned for next year by up to 80 billion kroner only thanks to savings in expenditures without the need to increase taxes.

You can find an Excel simulation of the state budget here

“The calculator is a tool that allows you to create your own proposal for the spending side of the state budget in a simplified form. Its purpose is to contribute to the rationalization of the discussion about adjustments in the spending side of the state budget, which are likely to be required by a large fiscal deficit. “

Comprehensive Excel spreadsheet It allows you to adjust the range of individual items of the state budget, while the initial data are the values ​​u200bu200bof expenditures approved in the budget for this year. It can then work with receipts on other sheets of the file.

Andrej Babis’ government has agreed to a budget deficit of 376.6 billion crowns next year. But the new government wants to reform the budget. Finance Minister candidate Zbenik Stangora of ODS said on Sunday that he assumes the Czech Republic will run an interim budget by the end of March next year. According to him, the review of the draft budget will take about six weeks.

How does the calculator work

  • Content tools It is possible to adjust the scope of individual items of the state budget, while the preliminary data are the values ​​u200bu200bof expenditures approved in this year’s budget.
  • The names of individual items of expenditure are in column B and their value for 2021 in billions of CZK is in column C. The new draft budget can be prepared by adjusting the parameters specified in columns I and K. In most expenditure items, the incremental method is applied when it is possible to introduce a percentage change.
  • For some items, adjustment can be made by changing other parameters, such as the number of recipients of a specific social benefit or its average value.
  • The data in column N identifies the increase or savings compared to 2021.
  • In cell M149, the proposed budget’s deficit is calculated if its revenue is the amount specified in the current draft budget for 2022.

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