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Beware, a voice on your phone confirms that someone is watching you

Follow-up – Suzanne Hassan

Smartphones have become one of the means of modern technology that has appeared in the past few years, which has caused a boom in the world of technology, communication and social media. In this article, we will introduce you to a voice that occurs on your phone indicating that you are being monitored.

– Apple created AirTags tools in order to help users track their private belongings, whether it is a set of keys, pets or bags, but criminals do not sleep and are constantly trying to take advantage of every opportunity and it turns out to them that it is possible to use these devices for criminal purposes such as stealing collectibles or tracking the movement of the car With the purpose of stealing it and stealing other property and indeed the criminals were able to carry out criminal acts with the help of this little tool.

– Worse than that, there are some criminals who used AirTags in order to chase the victim and find out where he goes and what places they can be stolen by placing the devices in their bags or inside their cars.

These devices were able to locate the victims very accurately, which is an exceptional feature for criminals who want to carry out their criminal acts in complete calm, and for this matter, Apple worked to calibrate this strategy and tried to acquit AirTag of the conviction against it and help people for their safety and to make sure that there is no one trying to track them down.

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– Apple began the new security strategy by sending a message to all users that using AirTags devices in order to track and spy on people without their knowledge is a crime that may expose its owner to legal accountability, in addition, the company has tried to facilitate the ability to determine if there are any tools AirTags is trying to track you and track your whereabouts by issuing an alert sound that you can receive on your phone screen. In addition, Apple has added many precautions that make it easier for all people to be able to determine if there is anyone trying to track them using these devices.

AirTags devices soon received a basic software update and the company stated that the purpose of this software update is the ability to adjust and identify unwanted tracking sounds that can be issued by AirTags devices near people to locate them more easily, it seems that the main idea of ​​the number AirTag update 1.0.301 is to make AirTags beep louder so that you can more easily locate them to know if someone is trying to spy on you and track your movements.

– The new update was recently launched at the beginning of May of the current year 2022, and the company has begun to roll it out to all users from all over the world, but if you have not received it yet, it is likely that it will reach you during the next stage because the update is being rolled out steadily, which means that it is not All users can benefit from the update as soon as it is released.

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