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بالبلدي: احذر يا أهلي.. 3 طرق يسجل بها كايزر تشيفز ضد خصومه‎‎

Beware, my family.. 3 ways Kaizer Chiefs score against his opponentsصوم

belbalady Since the start of the group stage, Kaizer Chiefs have played 10 matches in the Champions League this season, scoring 10 goals.

But those 10 goals led him to the final, thanks to his strong defense and his ability to take advantage of the least opportunities to turn them into goals.

For example, against Simba of Tanzania in the quarter-finals of the tournament, the team only created 4 big chances against its opponent, but turned those chances into 4 goals.

This statistic can also be viewed in another way, when Kaizer Chiefs scored 4 goals against Simba, he scored them from only 6 shots on goal.

Against Wydad in the first leg of the semi-final, he shot once = one goal, with which the team qualified for the final to face Al-Ahly.

So, how do the Kaizer Chiefs score their goals?

Speeds coming from behind

The Kaizer Chiefs attacking midfielders possess lightning speed and the ability to finish attacks.

A sentence that the team has repeated more than once this season, is the arrival of the ball to one of the attackers, whether Samir Norkovic or Leandro Castro, before waiting for the arrival of one of the attacking midfielders such as Happy Maciani, for example, to penetrate and shoot.

The best example of that sentence is the team’s second goal against Petro Atletico in the group stage.

Moving and fixed cross balls

It cannot be stressed enough, Kaizer Chiefs’ strength in offensive crosses, whether from fixed or moving positions.

The majority of Kaizer Chiefs’ goals in the tournament came from these situations, which was repeated against Wydad in the group stage, against Simba, and against Petro Atletico as well.

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Kaizer Chiefs players pass about 4 and a half crosses correctly in one match, and took advantage of them to score 7 goals out of the 10 they scored from the start of the group stage.

Norkovic.. least chance = goal

Kaizer Chiefs striker Samir Norkovic converts the fewest chances into goals.

The Serbian striker scored 3 times on the way to Kaizer Chiefs reaching the final, and his most valuable goal, of course, was against Wydad in the semi-finals.

In terms of numbers, Norkovic missed only two great chances, scoring a goal every 206 minutes in the Champions League.

The 29-year-old takes advantage of the cross balls and finishes them in a distinctive way, and scored his three goals from 12 chances he had inside the opponents’ penalty areas.

The most important thing that distinguishes Norkovic is his distinguished handling of the cross balls and not keeping the ball excessively.

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