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Beware of the disaster in northern Syria.. the United Nations issues a warning

Beware of the disaster in northern Syria.. the United Nations issues a warning

A statement issued by the office United nations In Cairo, on Sunday, the alarm bell was raised about the deteriorating food situation in the regions of northern Syria.

The international organization stressed that the situation there is not ominous, calling on the Security Council to renew the authorization for the entry of humanitarian aid across the Turkish border.

Millions of people are stuck

The statement added that millions of people are still stranded in the aforementioned area, stressing that these people need Humanitarian aid To survive, the United Nations needs access across borders and across dividing lines to deliver aid.

In its statement, the United Nations also called on the United Nations to renew the mandate of the United Nations Security Council to carry out humanitarian operations across the border from Turkey to northwest Syria, warning that failure to do so would lead to the suspension of the United Nations’ delivery of food, COVID-19 vaccines, essential medical supplies, shelter, protection, clean water and sanitation. and other life-saving assistance to 3.4 million people, including 1 million children.

Watch out for a catastrophe!

In addition, the United Nations stressed that it continues to work with all parties concerned to also allow cross-line convoys to enter the northwest, noting that expanding the scope of the comprehensive response is very necessary, because the regular deployment of these convoys does not meet the scale and scope of cross-border humanitarian operations.

Humanitarian aid in Syria

She warned of a humanitarian catastrophe in northwest Syria if the United Nations’ large-scale cross-border operations did not continue for an additional 12 months.

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It is worth noting that Idlib is the last stronghold of the Syrian opposition and is considered a subject of controversy due to the large number of organizations operating on its territory, the most prominent of which is “Hayat Tahrir al-Sham” (formerly al-Nusra), in addition to other extremist organizations such as “Guardians of Religion”.

And since March 6, 2020, a ceasefire has been in effect in Idlib and its surroundings, announced by Moscow in support of Damascus and Ankara in support of the armed factions, after a massive attack launched by the regime forces with Russian support over a period of three months, which forced about one million people to flee their homes, according to the United Nations.

The cease-fire is still largely holding, despite repeated violations, including Russian air strikes.

It is noteworthy that Syria has been witnessing since 2011 a bloody conflict that has killed about half a million people and caused massive damage to infrastructure, universities, schools and hospitals, as well as productive sectors, and led to the displacement and displacement of millions of people inside and outside the country.