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Beware! The Saudi Ministry of Interior imposes a large fine of 20,000 riyals on violators of these new rules

Fines for Violations of Security Camera Systems Comments of the Ministry of Interior on Fines The Ministry of Interior has announced that it will impose a fine of up to 20,000 riyals on anyone who transfers or publishes recordings on social media, or damages or vandalizes security camera systems or recordings.

Right to appeal penalties

The Ministry also indicated that the person against whom a penalty decision has been issued can file a grievance against it before the Administrative Court within 60 days from the date of notification of the decision.

Clarifications about the security surveillance camera system

With regard to security surveillance cameras, they are fixed or mobile devices designed to capture moving pictures in accordance with the provisions of the Security Surveillance Cameras Usage Regulation. It is noteworthy that this system does not include cameras placed by individuals inside their residential units and complexes.

Saudi government decision on security systems

In the same context, the Saudi government decided earlier to install a security surveillance camera system in ministries, public authorities and institutions, in addition to many other facilities.

Facilities covered by the installation of cameras

These monitored facilities include financial institutions and banks, commercial complexes and shopping centres, oil and petrochemical facilities, power generation and water desalination facilities, in addition to the Grand Mosque, the Prophet’s Mosque and other mosques and mosques.

Covering public and private spaces

The places that will be covered by the security surveillance cameras also include public, private and cultural facilities, youth centers, public and private recreational facilities, public and private health facilities, hospitals, clinics, and commercial warehouses.

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The importance of security surveillance cameras

Security surveillance cameras are an essential tool for maintaining security and safety in society, as they help detect crimes and follow up events effectively. In addition, it represents a control mechanism that urges individuals to comply with laws and regulations.

In the end, every individual must be aware that security surveillance cameras are there to maintain safety and security, and that any violation of the regulations related to them will expose him to the penalties stipulated in the law.