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Beware the "third sort" flag

Beware the “third sort” flag

Is there a first sorting science and a third sorting science like ceramics? The answer is yes, “third sort” science is pseudoscience, and pseudoscience or pseudoscience is a term whose structure appears to be contradictory, as if we are saying black white! Serious real science is always distinguished by academic scientific honesty, so how can it be false?! But the real scientists were forced to invent it and accept its contradiction to describe the imposter, which is just the name of a scientific theory without any scientific method, and the media became interested in clarifying it to set the boundaries between real science with its strictness and false science with its illusions and myths.
Among the tools of false science are big terms, Latin jargon, media spices, and religious occultism, its weapons are the ignorance of the receiver and the charisma of the sender, and its audience is people who have lost scientific immunity and have contracted AIDS, so it becomes easy to penetrate their confused mind with acrobatic inventions, such as the Philippine doctors who perform surgeries without scalpels, or merchants The urine of Egyptian camels who treat patients with hepatitis C with camel droppings, or Pakistani scientists who extract energy from elves! It is possible, dear reader, to respond by saying: “What is false science everywhere, even in America and Europe,” and I agree, but false science has a trend and there is an exception. Unfortunately, we have masters and PhD theses submitted in it, and university professors are convinced of it, promoted by institutions and sponsored by officials!
This is my battle more than a quarter of a century ago, in which I entered many battles, in which I was dragged to the courts, and accused of the most heinous accusations, but I endured all the dust and wounds of those battles, because I believe that the lifeboat of this only country awaits us on the shore of science, and there is no other boat, and therefore no There must be an intellectual current in Egypt to clarify what fake science is, and why it has triumphed over real science in Egypt, and unfortunately in many areas!
It is an Egyptian drama in which the melodrama of tragedy, and also the comedy of the knight, but it is a black comedy in which we laugh until we choke on tears. You are the solution, dear reader, the beginning of the way to the solution, if you can only ask: Why?, the beginning of the victory of true science and the defeat of false science is the question, astonishment and curiosity, so read any information that reaches you from any person, no matter what, through those lenses of questioning, amazed, astonished, curious, and put forward indoctrination, self-evident and inherited Aside, listen to anyone who calls himself a strategist or precedes his name with the letter D with the skepticism of the critical mind that puts all ideas on the autopsy table, and the truth for you must be independent of the sanctity of the past, the sanctity of the person, and the sanctity of the populist majority, not everything that is popular is scientifically true Beware of fake science, it is the most dangerous type of cancer.

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