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Beware.. These things should not be done in a hurry!

Follow-up _ Lama Nasr:

Enthusiasm, energy and impulsiveness are very positive things, but sometimes you can be reckless, and turning back is impossible!

Today, we present to you a list of some things that you should avoid doing in a hurry because you will pay for them with great regret because these decisions and actions will greatly affect the course of your life and your future.

1. Falling in love: Sometimes the chemistry between two people is great, but it may not turn into love, their relationship can only become friendship. So take your time, put yourself and the relationship on the line, wait for the situation and behavior before you decide to fall in love.

2. Food: Whether it is for your health, weight or the pleasure of eating, for all these reasons, you should not eat too fast and in a hurry.

3. Making major decisions: such as emotional, professional, family and financial decisions, those decisions that determine fate. Is enthusiasm the driving force or anger the reason? Wait, don’t make emotional decisions without logical thinking.

4. Trust: People you trust can take your time, energy, affection and secrets, so be careful! Sequentially build confidence in such a way that you don’t regret your confidence or lose anything irreplaceable.

5- Judging people: Whether it is a positive or negative judgment, do not rush to judge a person’s personality based on appearance or behavior. Think about it and remember how many times you failed to make a positive first impression of yourself!