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Beyoncé is re-recording a song from her new album because of "disabled people"

Beyoncé is re-recording a song from her new album because of “disabled people”

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Beyoncé’s new album is expected to top the listening charts, despite the controversy surrounding it

Beyoncé is set to re-record one of the songs from her new album, after facing criticism from disability rights activists.

A song titled “Hitted”, released on Friday, contained a term that has long been used to demean people with spastic cerebral palsy.

Beyoncé’s business office told the BBC that the term – which could have a different connotation in the US – “was not used intentionally to cause psychological harm”. The bureau added that “the expression can be replaced in the song”, but without specifying a date for that.

This comes two weeks after the famous American pop singer Lizzo apologized for using the same expression in her song “Girls”. Within days, Lizzo apologized, and reissued the song after she deleted the offensive expression.