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Biam results 2021 Intermediate education certificate with registration number

Biam results 2021 Intermediate education certificate with registration number

Today, Thursday, 17 Joan, the exams for the intermediate education certificate in Algeria “Payam tests” ended, and they will begin during the days of correcting examination papers, as students eagerly await the appearance of their results, as the Paim exams began on Tuesday, 15 Joan, according to the schedule announced by the National Office of Examinations and Competition Before, and before the students finished the exams, the search began to increase about the date of the results, which are crucial and crucial in the lives of students, and we will learn through Egyscope website موقع On the 2021 results.

Biyam results 2021 intermediate education certificate

The Ministry of Education in Algeria announced that the announcement of the results of the bem this year will be during the first days of next July, as the ministry announced that once the exams are completed, the work of correcting the examination papers will begin, in preparation for its announcement via the website, which is dedicated To be announced every year, the disclosure of the results of the intermediate education certificate comes amid concern and a desire from parents to know the fate of their children at the end of this important stage of their educational life.

Intermediate Education Results Link 2021 البي

Students can disclose their results by following these steps:

  • Entering the 2021 results site.
  • Enter the registration number.
  • Write down the password.
  • Click to display the result.

2021 exam schedule

Intermediate education students in Algeria began taking their final year exams on Tuesday, June 15, by taking the exam in four subjects, namely Arabic language, physics, Islamic education and civic education, and on Wednesday, June 16, students will perform exams for 3 other subjects, which are mathematics, English, history and geography as shown. in the following table:

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As for the last day of the Al-Bayam exams, it is Thursday, June 17, and students will take the tests for 3 other subjects, namely the French language, natural sciences, life and the Amazigh language, thus ending all the subjects scheduled for them, and students start waiting for the results of the intermediate education certificate 2021.

Extraction of primary education points statement 2021

After the results of the sankyam appeared on Saturday, June 19 at 4:00 pm, according to what was announced by the Ministry of National Education and the website of the National Examinations Office, students will be able to obtain a memorization of their sankyam score from Monday 21 Joan until next July 20.