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Biden administration: We are ready to discuss Russian security proposals in January, and there are conditions that we will never agree to meet

Reuters Jim Borg

White House.

The administration of US President Joe Biden announced that it was ready to hold discussions with Russia about its security proposals in January, but stressed that there were conditions that the United States would “never” agree to meet.

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Putin: The West brought its missiles to our doorstep, and it must provide us with security guarantees here and immediately!

A senior official in the US President’s administration said during a press conference held today, Thursday, “The United States is ready to engage in a diplomatic discussion in early January through several channels… We assured Russia that substantive progress can only be achieved in an atmosphere of de-escalation.”

The spokesman added, however, that no date or place has yet been set for these talks, stressing that the Biden administration intends to respond to the Russian proposals during these discussions and not in the public sphere.

The official stressed that there are proposals by Russia that “the United States will never agree to”, but that there are other areas “that can be explored.”

On December 17, Russia published draft agreements with the United States and NATO member states that include provisions on mutual security guarantees in Europe, including the non-deployment of medium and short-range missiles in areas of access to each other and the alliance’s abandonment of its further expansion.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov stressed that the failure of NATO and the United States to respond to Russia’s demands for security guarantees could lead to a new round of confrontation.

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