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Biden and Harris: We will not give up and will continue the struggle to promote the right to vote

Biden and Harris: We will not give up and will continue the struggle to promote the right to vote

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US President Joe Biden said work to pass an electoral reform bill was not over, and accused Senate Republicans of attacking the right to vote by blocking the federal election reform bill.

“Democrats took the next step forward in this ongoing struggle — not just on Capitol Hill, but across the country — and a step forward to honor all of our predecessors, of all races and ages, who sacrificed and died to protect this sacred right,” Biden said.

“I’ll have more to say,” Biden added. But let me be clear. This battle is far from over, and far from over. I have been involved in this work throughout my career, and we will intensify our efforts to beat again for the people, for our democracy.”

President Biden described the Republican vote as a “repressive” act.

Kamala Harris, in her own statement, stated that the Biden administration “remains determined to work with Congress to pass a bill for the people (the People’s Act), and will continue to work with Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Enhancement Act.”

“The president and I, like previous generations, will not give up, we will not give up, and we will continue to fight to advance the right to vote,” said Harris, who chaired the debate and voting session.

“We will fortify and expand the National Alliance on Voting Rights, and we will enhance voter participation and registration across the country,” said Harris, who is leading the White House’s efforts to promote voting rights.

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She explained that the US administration will promote leaders who reject legislation that undermines voting rights. “We will promote leaders in states who work to stop anti-voter legislation, and we will work with leaders in Congress to advance federal legislation that would strengthen voting rights,” Harris said.

Legislation passed by the House earlier this year set national voting standards, changed the composition of the Federal Election Commission, added new limits on congressional redistricting, reformed campaign finance, and included new ethics rules for the president and vice president.

Democrats have warned of threats to access to the ballot after states such as Georgia implemented voting restrictions after the 2020 election, which saw a massive voter turnout by mail during the coronavirus pandemic.

Democrats have vowed that a vote failure won’t be the last word in trying to protect voting rights, as Republican legislatures across the country enact new rules in some cases.

Republicans criticized the legislation as a partisan power grab and an example of federal encroachment on states’ power.

Senate Republicans blocked a bill for the people (a people’s law), senators voted 50-50 in the equally divided House to pass the bill and Democrats failed to get the 60 votes needed to overcome Republican stalling, dealing a blow For the Democratic-led effort to roll back voting restrictions in Republican-controlled states after the 2020 election.

Earlier, Biden criticized bills that call for the imposition of dozens of new restrictions on voting in a number of states. Biden called on Congress to pass bills that facilitate voting rights, saying, “I once again call on Congress to pass a bill for the people (the People’s Act) and (John Lewis’ Voting Advancement Act), and I continue to call on all Americans, of every party, to stand up for By our democracy and protecting the right to vote and the integrity of our elections.

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