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Biden and Johnson agree on a “safe exit” for the Afghans

US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have agreed to work together for a safe evacuation in Afghanistan.

The latter’s office said Monday that it came from a phone call between Biden and Johnson.

Following the phone call, a cabinet spokesman said: “The two discussed the continued efforts of the United States and Britain to quickly and safely evacuate our citizens and those who previously worked with our governments from Kabul International Airport.”

“The two leaders agreed to continue working together to ensure that all those eligible to leave the country are able to cross the early expulsion stage,” the spokesman added.

He noted that Johnson and Biden touched on the importance of concerted diplomatic efforts to safeguard progress in Afghanistan and to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

“They pledged their commitment to advance international action, including the G7 and the UN Security Council.

In turn, the White House said that the US President had discussed with the British Prime Minister the efforts to withdraw from Afghanistan and stressed the need for closer coordination and policy on Afghanistan in managing the current crisis.

Ahead of an online meeting of G7 leaders on Tuesday, the White House added that “they discussed our diplomats and Afghans at risk, local staff and military efforts to evacuate Afghanistan.”

Today, Monday, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said his continued expulsion from Kabul would depend on his stay in Afghanistan in Washington after the end of this month.

Wallace said Britain would ask for the US to be expelled from Kabul after the August 31 withdrawal deadline during the Seven Group’s online summit on Tuesday.

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Johnson, who chairs the Seven Nations Group, announced on Sunday that the leaders of the seven major industrialized nations would hold an online meeting on Tuesday to “hold emergency talks” on the situation in Afghanistan.

The seven groups include the United States, France, Germany, Canada, Britain, Japan and Italy.

Since the Taliban returned to power in the middle of this month, thousands of families have gathered at Kabul airport in an attempt to leave the country before August 31; The deadline set by the US administration to complete the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan.

Under the chaos of the evictions and the pressure of his allies, US President Joe Biden opened the door to the possibility of retaining troops after this date expires.

The British military announced yesterday evening that it had expelled 5,725 people from Afghanistan since August 13; Of those, 3,100 Afghans insist the operation will continue “until the security situation allows” without setting a specific date for the last flight.

This comes as a Taliban spokesman warned of the “consequences” of the United States and its allies during a press conference; If it postpones the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan, the evacuation in Kabul will continue.

In response to Biden, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said: “If the United States or the United Kingdom ask for more time to continue the evacuation, there is no answer. Otherwise there will be consequences.”