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Biden asks Congress for $10 billion to help Ukraine

Biden asks Congress for $10 billion to help Ukraine

The acting office manager explained White House Management and Budget, Shalanda Young, discusses the need for supplemental funding in Thursday’s blog post. The requests will be additions to the planned budget agreement that is trying to Congress Completed before the March 11 deadline.

In the blog post, Young said the money is urgently needed. Giving Ukraine $10 billion would be a rapid escalation of the $1.4 billion the United States has provided since 2021, a reflection of the crisis stemming from the Russian offensive that began last month.

Young said the money would cover “additional humanitarian, security and economic assistance in Ukraine and the neighboring region in the coming days and weeks.”

Last week, Biden administration officials told congressional aides that their requests would include $3.5 billion for the Pentagon and $2.9 billion in humanitarian aid as Russia’s invasion caused more than a million Ukrainian refugees to flee their country.

It will pay $22.5 billion related to the coronavirus to cover the costs of tests, treatments, and vaccines, as well as investments in research and efforts to increase vaccinations worldwide.

There were expectations that the demand would be up to $30 billion, which comes after lawmakers and the Biden and Trump administrations pledged a combined $5.8 trillion over several years on the pandemic, according to the nonpartisan Committee on Responsible Federal Budget.

The federal government spent $6.8 trillion in the past fiscal year, a reflection of emergency measures linked to the coronavirus that included President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief package. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal budget was about $4.4 trillion, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

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