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بايدن يفوض كامالا هاريس بصلاحيات الرئيس بسبب خضوعه لإجراء طبي

Biden delegates presidential powers to Kamala Harris due to undergoing medical procedure

US President Joe Biden temporarily transferred power to Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday as he is undergoing anesthesia for a routine colon exam. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement that Biden will perform the procedure at Walter Reed Medical Center as part of his annual medical treatment.

“As was the case when President George W. Bush performed the same procedure in 2002 and 2007, following the process set forth in the Constitution, President Biden will transfer power to the Vice President for a brief period of time when he is under sedation and the Vice President will work from her office in West Wing during this period.

Psaki said the White House will release a summary of Biden’s physical examination results later on Friday.

Biden, who will turn 79 on Saturday, is the oldest president in US history at the time he was sworn in. His age has been a source of Republican attacks, and he has made his yearly physical results a point of interest.

Transferring power while the president is under sedation is not unusual, Psaki noted, although it has been a point of contention during the Trump administration.

Trump’s former press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, claimed then-President Trump would not be sedated for a colonoscopy when he was abruptly transferred to Walter Reed in 2019 because he did not want to transfer power to then-Vice President Mike Pence.

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