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Biden disappointed me and I will support De Santes for the presidency

Biden disappointed me and I will support De Santes for the presidency

still American billionaire Elon Musk He raises controversy, whether with his political statements or his faltering decisions about the famous Twitter platform, after he acquired it last month.

In new statements, the Tesla chief expressed his disappointment with the current president, Joe Biden, announcing that he would support the governor of Florida, Ron de Santis, for the upcoming presidential elections in 2024.

Biden and disappointment

“Yes,” he said in a tweet, in response to a Twitter user’s question if he would endorse De Santes.

He also added, explaining that he preferred to choose a moderate and acceptable president for the presidency in 2024.

In addition, he added, “I was hoping that this would be the case for Biden, but we have been disappointed so far.”

Fatal error

As for banning an account Former US President Donald Trump On Twitter, he confirmed that it was a huge mistake.

At the same time, he added that he had no problem with the former Republican president not returning to Twitter via the platform, referring to the latter’s announcement earlier that he was staying on his “Truth Social” platform for the time being.

He also emphasized that the most important thing now is that Twitter corrected this fatal mistake, especially since Trump did not violate the laws or standards set by the company at the time.

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To that consider that Insulting a sitting president It undermined public opinion and undermined half of the American people’s confidence in Twitter.”


On Thursday, the owner of the “Blue Bird” announced the granting of a “pardon” to thousands of suspended accounts, which Internet security experts expect will lead to an increase in harassment, hate speech and misinformation.

The billionaire’s announcement came after he was asked in an online poll to vote to reinstate accounts that didn’t “break the law or engage in egregious spam.”

At 72 percent yes, Musk commented, “People have said their word. The pardon starts next week,” though such online polls are not scientific and can easily be affected by electronic interference.

It is reported that Trump’s account was banned in January last year (2021), after his supporters stormed the Capitol building in a scene that shocked the country, following inflammatory calls that promoted the theory of rigging the presidential elections in order for Biden to win and get the Republican president out of the White House.