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Biden promises millions of new environmental jobs

American pressure to improve the environment is increasing. But people are starting to worry about jobs, because many areas and jobs just don’t fit into the fight against climate change. But in his first speech at a joint conference, Biden spoke of the climate change agenda as an economic opportunity. He promised that his focus on the environment would lead to a massive increase in the number of new jobs. There must be up to ten million.

Although many professions, such as managing fossil fuels, will gradually disappear, Biden will not be a zero-sum game, as many of the new jobs will require people with experience in “old” industries.

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The new jobs involved in combating climate change will be more industrial in nature. These would be, for example, electric car mechanics, electric truck drivers, drone pilots, wind turbine mechanics or technicians focusing on batteries or solar panel installation.

Experts in smart technologies will also be needed to help reclaim abandoned coal and uranium mines or obsolete oil and gas wells. Biden wants to invest $16 billion in the region.

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The program also set a target for all EU countries to switch to non-carbon sources by 2035. According to him, this transformation alone would lead to a huge boom in investment in wind and solar energy.

But now Biden must get enough support for his plans. During the second day of the Congressional Summit, he focused specifically on business opportunities and said, “Today’s closing session is not about the threats posed by climate change, but about the opportunities that come through tackling climate change.” easy at all.

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