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Biden: Queen Elizabeth is "very generous" ... she reminded me of my mother

Biden: Queen Elizabeth is “very generous” … she reminded me of my mother

Atlanta, United States (CNN) – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has been described by US President Joe Biden as “very generous”, recalling her mother after meeting at Windsor Castle.

“We had a great conversation,” Biden said.

Queen Elizabeth II said she would like to know about Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, whom Biden will meet next week.

Speaking in Heathrow before leaving the UK, Biden said he wanted to talk to the Queen for a while.

“He was very generous,” Biden said. He noted that he did not think he would be offended if he said, “He reminds me of my mother’s appearance and generosity.”

Biden said he compared the notes to living against the White House at Windsor Castle. He pointed out that one side of the fort they met was private and the other allowed public viewers.

When asked if he had invited her to the White House, Biden said he had.

He was talking before leaving the UK after four nights in the country. He attended the G7 summit, held talks with at least four leaders and had a private meeting with Queen Elizabeth II.

Before boarding the Air Force One, the US President spoke briefly with some guests in Dorma and then said goodbye to Jill Biden, the first lady to return to Washington.

“Take good care of her,” said President Yale Lambert, now US top ambassador to London.

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