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Biden refuses to sign a free trade agreement with Britain

US President Joe Biden refused to conclude a free trade agreement with Britain during a reception with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the White House on Tuesday.

Asked if such an agreement was possible, Biden told reporters Johnson sat down next to him and said, “We have to work on it.”

He added that “discussions are ongoing” on the issue between the two countries.

During the meeting with Johnson, Biden issued a stern warning to his guests, promising that he “absolutely did not want” to see Britain’s exit from the European Union “change the Irish borders”. Achieving a trade agreement between the two countries is “two different topics.”

Last week, Democratic US Speaker Nancy Pelosi openly linked respect for the Northern Ireland Peace Accord, which provides the Irish Republic with an open border, to any trade talks with London.

The British government is currently in talks with Brussels on the post-Brexit relationship of annexing the country to the European Union.

Johnson welcomed the recent improvement in relations between London and Washington, describing the restrictions imposed on foreign travelers seeking to enter the United States as “excellent”.

Johnson recently praised the strategic agreement between his country, the United States and Australia, which angered France.


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