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Biden “responds” to China and Russia. Enough?

Major vaccine diplomatic maneuvers are underway: the US and Japan are ready to fund the $ 1 billion manufactured in India and distributed by Australia across Southeast Asia. But this is a plan to counter Chinese influence in the region.

The United States looks to the Indo-Pacific region Resist Chinese influence in the region Along with Japan, India and Australia are embarking on an effort to supply one billion Johnson & Johnson vaccines to Southeast Asian countries by 2022. Under the program, the United States and Japan will provide funding Vaccine production in India will facilitate distribution in Australia. The initiative was officially announced At the end of the quad summit, The first strategic forum between the United States and its Asian allies. The virtual meeting was attended by US President Joe Biden, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Japanese Prime Minister Sukha Yoshihide and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “Today is a great day for American diplomacy. The summit was a great success for the president and the country, “said Jack Sullivan, a US National Security Adviser who undertook the four leaders’ work on four issues, including new technologies and climate change.They took the quartet to a new level“The comments from Beijing were not encouraging, where Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi accused the United States of” pointing the finger “and” creating small circles in the name of diversity. “

Is the vaccine diplomatic?

The ‘vaccination diplomacy’ program for Southeast Asia is the result of several weeks of meetings between Kurt Campbell, the White House chief of staff in the Indo-Pacific country, and the Quad ambassadors in Washington. This was first reported il Financial Times Accordingly, the US counter-offensive against Beijing and Moscow’s vaccine export programs is part of a plus China’s broad control strategy. Now, 54 days after taking office, it is clear that President Joe Biden and his administration are seeing a resurgence of democratic diversity and control of China. Major foreign policy challenge To the United States. They will try to involve allies in resisting Chinese expansion in Southeast Asia as much as possible. A call, a call from the White House so far This points to Asia rather than Europe, To combat internal questions about the slow vaccination strategy and the strategic autonomy of its foreign policy. The US president will meet with Suu Kyi in Washington next month: the Japanese prime minister will be the first foreign leader to visit Biden at the White House.

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Is everyone crazy about the quad?

In 2004, the United States, Australia, India and Japan established the Tsunami Core Group to lay the groundwork for greater cooperation in dealing with the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the tsunami that struck the coasts of the Indian Ocean. The great democracies of the Indo-Pacific. At the initiative of then-Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo Abe, the four are taking part in a ‘quad’ (four-state security defense dialogue), an informal partnership that includes regular meetings, exchanges of information and joint military exercises. Fear a Strategic round e Strong in business deals With Canberra, Beijing pulls Australia out of the deal, disabling that plan It looks like the motel failed. It is now clear that after 10 years of significant freezing and progressive decline in the four countries’ relations with Beijing, China’s growing stability and economic expansion are worrying countries in the region. In 2017, under Trump ‘Quad 2.0’ was born: Two meetings a year to promote regional prosperity and stability, In the name of shared democratic values. 2020 Summit talks about a common strategy for tackling the epidemic: they attend the meeting South Korea, Vietnam and New Zealand. Some viewers are looking at a plan to create a project in the openings towards Quad and Asian countries An ‘Asian birth’ In the anti-Beijing process, the hypothesis is that Foreign Minister Wang Yi is dissolving it by comparing it to the foam of the sea, which is “destined to dissolve soon.” Self According to some observersEconomic benefits e Different approach of individual countries Eventually their common animosity with Beijing will outweigh the others Time is ripe now A Controlling Of Chinese expansion.

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A short blanket?

However, to quell the excitement for the quad health initiative, the warning is coming Global vaccine production is also threatened by limitations In US exports. Mahima Datla, chief executive of Indian pharmaceutical company Biotechnology, said US suppliers were “too reluctant to meet delivery times”. Ingredients for vaccine production (Disposable Fermentation, Sterile Bags and Large Lining, Laboratory Parts) Application of the Defense Production Act From Washington. Pre-Korean War law, which allows the US president to exercise special powers, is provided for wartime, which strengthens the production of private companies for strategic purposes. There is a heated debate over this Tens of thousands of doses of standard AstraZeneca vaccines And unused in the United States – the FDA has not yet given the green light – it is mostly They do not serve to meet domestic demand, As other parts of the world struggle with vaccine shortages and supply cuts. In fact, AstraZeneca was also manufactured with the help of the Defense Production Act, and the United States reserves the right to keep the modules in their factories. “If we have surpluses, we will share it with the rest of the world,” Biden said, referring to the US vaccine supply in general, “but let’s start by making sure Americans get vaccinated first.” Again, America will, first and foremost, weigh like a boulder for the revival of relations between the two sides of the Atlantic.


ISBI ​​Executive Vice President Pavlo Macri wrote

“A trumpet blast is heard on the right and a blast on the left.

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After several weeks on the Silk Road in Sputnik and China Health, the US response to vaccinating Southeast Asia is certainly a good and perfect thing. This is an “interesting” response – as in the case of Russia and the Chinese – it is not the case within QUAD, the alliance with Japan, Australia and India, Biden wants to restart control of China and wants to reaffirm its closeness with Asian democracies.

The use of wartime powers for simultaneous warning paralysis (and confirmation by PIDAN) of Indian pharmaceutical companies (yes, those required to produce for QUAD) condemning production restrictions imposed by the US siege on the export of vaccine components introduced by Trump. Europe? Always wait for the release of the 30 million AstraZeneca levels stored in US warehouses. Unused: because AstraZeneca is not even recognized by the US FDA now ”.

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