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Biden revealed the conditions under which he will meet Kim

Biden revealed the conditions under which he will meet Kim

“We will see if he is prepared to commit in advance to something that we can agree on,” Biden said at a press conference on Friday after talks with South Korean President Moon Che-that, “One of those things should be a dialogue about the (North Korean) nuclear program.”

North Korean President Kim Jong Un at a Labor Party Politburo meeting

Photo: Korean Central News Agency, Reuters

Kim Jong Un’s authoritarian regime considers the nuclear arsenal a safeguard against outside interference. He fears that if he abandons nuclear weapons, the Americans will take care to bring him down.

The United States and its allies in the region, in turn, have concerns about the nuclear arsenal in the hands of a largely unpredictable dictator and his people.

According to the White House president, the condition for bilateral talks between Biden and Kim Jong Un is to determine the content of a potential interview in advance. The US President said: “If this works to reduce tensions, we can meet on the condition that our Secretary of State draws the outlines of those negotiations.”

Apparently, he coincided with the fact that his predecessor in office, Donald Trump, met Kim Jong Un after long preparations with great pomp in 2018 in Singapore, but the real outcome of the statesmen negotiations did not have much effect.

Another condition for Biden’s potential in-person meeting with the North Korean leader is that the summit does not legitimize his regime, either at home or abroad.