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Biden said on his first presidential trip, "We don't want a conflict with Russia, but we will respond forcefully."

Biden said on his first presidential trip, “We don’t want a conflict with Russia, but we will respond forcefully.”

After that, he will head to Brussels for a NATO summit and talks with European Union leaders. Towards the end of the trip, he will visit Geneva, where he will negotiate with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

“We do not seek conflict with Russia. We want a stable and predictable relationship, but I have made this clear. The United States will respond forcefully and purposefully if the Russian government engages in harmful activities,” President Biden said in a speech at Mildenhall. . He also stressed that Washington’s commitments to NATO were “very solid” and that everyone had to count on “the US coming back.”

Before leaving Washington, Biden told reporters that the purpose of the trip was to show Russia and China that the United States and Europe maintain close relations. According to observers, it will try to convince traditional US allies of their ability to count on Washington as a stable partner after the four-year presidency of her predecessor Donald Trump, which severed a number of diplomatic ties.

On Wednesday, Biden spoke for the first time with US forces stationed in Britain. He will meet Johnson on Thursday. The next day, the G7 Leaders Summit begins in Cornwall. He will be received by Queen Elizabeth II on Sunday before leaving Britain. At Windsor Castle.

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