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Biden will raise corporate taxes and tighten oversight

Biden: The Ottoman Turks committed genocide against the Armenian people

“The American people honor all Armenians who died in the genocide that began 106 years ago,” Biden said in a statement.

The US President indicated that the Ottoman Empire “deported, slaughtered, or led to the death march” 1.5 million Armenians as part of a “campaign of extermination.”

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, for example, thanked the president for this stance, who tried to push for recognition of the Armenian Genocide in the House of Representatives early in 2007. In the end, it wasn’t until 2019 that it was the case.

Ankara’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide comes after decades of fighting. After years of Turkish threats and intimidation. After the fatal war against the Arkachu people (The name of the Republic of Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh – red note.). After repeated sadness and disappointment, “he said on Twitter,” thanking the president for not being afraid to tell the truth despite the Turkish position. “

Ankara immediately took a sharply negative stance on Washington’s statement.

“We do not need anyone to teach us anything in our history.” Turkish Foreign Minister Çavuşolu said on Twitter, “Political opportunism is the greatest betrayal of peace and justice.” “We totally reject this statement based only on populism.”

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said, “This American statement, which distorts historical facts, will never accept the conscience of the Turkish people and will deal a deep blow that undermines the mutual trust and friendship between us.”

Then the Turkish president’s spokesman, Ibrahim Kalin, advised Biden to look at his country’s past and present.

On the contrary, Armenia welcomed the words of the US President. “The Armenian people and all Armenians in the world have received your message with great enthusiasm,” Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Basingan said in a statement. According to him, this is “a strong step on the road to truth and historical justice” and “invaluable support for the descendants of the victims of genocide.”

After the Turkish army was defeated during World War I at Sharikamis in January 1915, the Turkish leadership accused Armenia of serving as the fifth convoy for the Russians. The expulsion of the Armenians from the eastern regions of the Ottoman Empire began to concentration camps near Aleppo, and from there they were sent to the Dajar-Zorro desert.

Most of the Armenians did not survive the march, the youngest and most powerful of them were immediately executed and the rest pushed into the desert or burned. The Armenian Genocide claimed the lives of 1.5 million people. Many Azerbaijanis, who consider themselves Turks, also participated in the extermination. Turkey denies the Armenian Genocide.