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Biden: The United States will not provide Ukraine with F-16 fighters

In response to a reporter’s question White House Asked whether he supports sending these fighters to Kyiv as asked by a number of Ukrainian leaders Biden replied, “No“.

Western countries had finally agreed this month to Providing Ukraine with advanced tanks It is the strongest in the armies of NATO countries.

This support gave Kiev hope that it would soon receive it F-16 warplanes To strengthen its air force, but the issue is still being discussed in the West.

As the first anniversary of the Russian invasion approached on February 24, news emerged of an expected visit by Biden to Poland to show support for the pro-Ukraine coalition.

“I will go to Poland. But I don’t know when,” Biden told reporters when asked about the visit.

Russia responds

On the other hand, Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov said that the United States should use its influence with its allies to rule out the supply of F-16 fighters to Ukraine.

And he said Pokshov On Telegram Biden’s statement is not enough to prevent a very dangerous round of escalation.

“The United States should not only strictly adhere to this position, but also use its influence with its allies. This is more than enough to exclude such supplies,” he said, according to what was reported by the Russian agency Sputnik.

In Bokchov’s opinion, Biden’s statement does not mean that Ukraine will not be supplied with fighters by other countries. Pointing out that nine NATO countries have F-16s and France has Rafale fighters.