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Biden wants to curb China's growing influence, and other world leaders are tempering it

Biden wants to curb China’s growing influence, and other world leaders are tempering it

According to Reuters, US President Joe Biden and other G7 leaders hope their “Rebuilding a Better World” (B3W) plan is the right answer for China. Agency Reuters She wrote that it was an attempt to curb China’s growing influence and competition for the New Silk Road, which was announced eight years ago by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

However, other G7 leaders, including Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, have persuaded US President Joe Biden not to push for competition with China to the point that it might hamper cooperation on other critical issues, such as the climate crisis.

“It’s not just about standing up or fighting China. So far we haven’t presented alternatives that reflect our values, our standards and our way of working,” Reuters quoted a White House source as saying. German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that given China’s Silk Road, it is appropriate for the G7 countries to “define their policy” faster and more effective development.

China’s Silk Road involves trillions of dollars of investment to develop it from Asia to Europe. Hundreds of countries have signed cooperation agreements with China on this project. It will include construction of railways, ports, highways and other infrastructure.

It was not yet clear how the plan would work, the agency wrote. It is also not known exactly how much money will go to the projects. Merkel made it clear that the G7 countries have not yet reached a stage where they can publish information about the financing of her plan.

According to last year’s statistics, more than 2,600 projects worth $3.7 trillion have been launched under the New Silk Road so far. Beijing says a fifth of them have been hit hard by the coronavirus epidemic.

The Group of Seven collectively intends to help developing countries improve and develop infrastructure, but the projects also include climate, health and technology. The funds will be provided by all the countries of the group and will also include private entities. The White House has announced that this will help reduce the cost of the $40 trillion (840 trillion kroner) needed to help the developing world by 2035.

According to the Guardian, James Crabtree of IISS Research Center in Singapore praised the timing and principle of the G7 infrastructure program, but was skeptical of its implementation due to a lack of specific data. According to him, the administration of former US President Donald Trump tried in vain to do similar things. Running Crabtree halves can do more harm than good.

A strong and vibrant European Union

According to the agencies, Biden turned to Macron in their bilateral negotiations, asking him if he thought the United States was “come back.” The French president replied: “Yes, of course.” “It is great to have an American president who is interested in working together,” Macron added.

Biden and Macron at the Carbis Bay Summit, along with other representatives of economically powerful countries G7 Discussing the coronavirus pandemic, environment, security, relations with China, and economic issues.

The United States also wants to force the other G7 members to take a specific position on forced labor in China, and this will appear in the final statement of the current summit. Biden wants others to make clear that they see forced labor as an “affront to human dignity and a blatant example of competitive practices” by China. “We are pushing for specific problems in Xinjiang, where people are subjected to forced labor,” a White House spokesperson said.

“We agree that it is important to address cases of forced labor with our available domestic resources, including raising awareness and providing advice and support to our business communities. We strongly support independent and unrestricted access to Xinjiang to investigate the situation on the grounds,” G7 foreign ministers said in May. Earth.” The statement at the time also indirectly recognized Taiwan’s independence by inviting it to participate in the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization.