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Melanie Köhler

Big Feelings Inside Both Giants: The Liddell and Kauffland Series Led Me, It Should Have Been a Discord Between Young Directors | Business

Neckarsulm, Germany / Prague According to the crown of the largest European business group, Schwarz-Gruppe, which includes the Lidl and Kaufland chains, another earthquake occurred. After Melania Khlerov (30 years old), his recent departure aroused great feelings within both giants and even worried about his fate, he held the position of the highest member of the Klaus Gering group (73).

The rudder was taken by the group’s owner, Dieter Schwartz (81). Infantry, because Gehring’s formally designed successor Gerd Chrzanowski (49 years old, of which 20 were in Schwarz-Gruppe), is learning. Company employees learned about the change in senior management.

Gehring leaves after about a hundred years of service concern and pedasn. His voice was due to occur no later than a year later. At least that’s how last year went, when he confirmed at his 73rd birthday celebration that he would be leaving, turning 75. Some sources claim that he canceled this announcement and wanted to leave at the age of 85.

In an internal statement obtained by German media, it was reported that the resignation was automatic and that Gehring was unable to agree with the owner regarding a very important personal matter. The explanation is great, commented on five messages of the nmeck-Magazin server manager.

He noted that there were personal differences between the patriarch, such as Dieter Schwartz, the owner of the concern, and Geehring. The controversy was supposed to be a young manager, whom Gehring indiscriminately promoted to the highest positions. Thus the efforts to impede Chrzanowski’s rise in the corporate hierarchy. In doing so, Gehring had to oppose the patriarch himself.

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German servant Tagesspiegel immediately identified the capitalist as Melanie Khlerov, whom his very difficult manager Gehring considered his successor.

He brought it to Schwarz-Gruppe in 2016 from an unknown location and a short distance away. When I left the concern this year, it remained one of the most important strategic subsidiaries after the headquarters of the company, and the descent of young women, which it promoted to senior leadership positions. The chrnnka in Gehring was a member of the farm which ran the Schwarz family’s private property.