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Big leak. Samsung hasn’t seen the main news, the blurry appearance has emerged

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip a Samsung Galaxy Fold
| Photo: Lukáš Hron,

Although the introduction of the new flexible Samsung products has not yet set a date, we can already see the first photos of the phones that the Korean company is preparing for us. Pictures of apparently classified promotional material for the upcoming Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 models have surfaced on Twitter. Although it is of fairly low quality, a lot of things can be read from it.

The Z Fold’s third-generation lineup will likely test what Note smartphone enthusiasts have been feeling: support for the S Pen touch. This indicates that the papers can completely push the Note line from Samsung’s lineup (known for its built-in pen) and replace it. This is also indicated by the fact that they will likely take over her regular summer performance.

But that’s not all – the indoor flexible screen will undergo further innovations. All the shots and cutouts will be gone, and instead Samsung will be using a camera hidden under the screen for the first time ever with a smartphone of its production. It makes sense, because the indoor selfie camera probably won’t be used much anyway, given that you’ll definitely take a better selfie with the main camera and the tilted external screen.

You can also see the overall design of the Fold 3 model in the leaked photos, which won’t differ much from its predecessors. Once again, it will be a phone stretched out with an external and internal screen, three cameras in the back and a strong-looking hinge.

Is this the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3?
Is this the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3?

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In contrast, bigger design changes await the Z Flip 3 (It is possible that the manufacturer will skip the missing “two”). Samsung’s clamshell model will offer slightly more premium features, notably the exterior color-separated with the camera and screen. The external screen will be greatly improved, as it will be much larger and will really accommodate full notifications. However, it will likely only play a supplementary role.

The new Z Flip 3 will retain a pair of cameras on the back, but it is not clear if, as a sibling of the Fold series, it will get a selfie camera integrated below the internal display. Both phones will be covered externally by the latest Gorilla Glass Victus.

For both models, we can see color variants in the leaked images: green, blue, white and gray. Z Fold 3 may be available in green, black and white. Other specifications are not yet known.