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'Biggest and most versatile Horizon game ever'

‘Biggest and most versatile Horizon game ever’

With the arrival of the original Forza Horizon in 2012, the world of Forza, developed by Playground Games with the car experts at Turn 10 Studios, changed forever. It unleashed the spirit of Forza Motorsport on the vast open roads of Colorado, and instantly became the pinnacle of open-world racing games. The series then traveled to the south of France (and some Italy) for its next great sequel, then to Australia with Forza Horizon 3, and finally to the UK with the absolutely amazing Forza Horizon 4.

The two games with the highest rated first-party games on Xbox One are Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Horizon 4. With the Xbox Series X│S launch date coming, it has been revealed that Forza Horizon 4 has amassed over 24 million players since launch, a number Massive growth in the past six months, especially with the game’s release on Steam in March.

While still Forza Horizon 4 Continuing to evolve, as the game continues to add new and free cars every week until today, it’s time to change the scene. with Forza Horizon 5The series returns to North America for the first time in nearly ten years. But this time it will remain south of the border.

Creative Director Mike Brown explained about the move to Mexico: “In any game horizonMaking that decision is the most debatable.” Brown is one of the studios’ veterans has evolved Who previously worked on my series MotorStorm And the Drive Club, has joined the team playground games ألعاب In 2013 to work on Forza Horizon 2. And after playing important roles during the development of each game horizon Since then, Brown has moved on to the role of Creative Director directing post-launch support for the game Forza Horizon 4 development Forza Horizon 5.

Brown added: “From the beginning of the development process, we knew we wanted to make the biggest game horizon Absolutely. And you won’t be down that long before you realize there’s no point in making the biggest game horizon If you’re just expanding it and making more of the same.”

Mexico stands out among them because it is one of those countries that feels like the whole world in one country.

He continued, “So it should also be the most diverse and varied game in the series horizon Absolutely. This actually limits you to a relatively small number of countries. But Mexico stands out among them because it is one of those countries that feels like the whole world in one country. It has snowy mountains, gorgeous beaches, historic cities, beautiful jungles, rolling hills, farmland, and amazing mountain ranges. It contains amazing natural diversity. Then add to this the fact that its culture is known and loved around the world. It has music, artwork, and people loved around the world. Thus, it has become a very exciting choice as a destination for the chain horizon. I honestly don’t think I could think of a more exciting destination for horizon“.

A first look reveals Forza Horizon 5 About the astonishing range of biomes it lacked Forza Horizon 4 Excellent but less versatile. There is a scary active volcano, which has been described as the highest point ever in games horizon It boasts “geological detail that was executed with high accuracy using photogrammetric data captured on site”. Then there’s the beautiful and colorful city of Guanajuato, a city of undulating terrain of narrow, winding alleys and streets, attractive plazas, and an impressive network of underground tunnels. Guanajuato was one of the locations where Ken Block and the team Honigan Filming a clip of Gymkhana ten In it, it is the 2018 edition of the Block Racing series. And if we watch it, it will be easy to see why this is the perfect stadium for a series Forza Horizon. There is an open desert, a dense rainforest filled with ancient ruins, bright sunny beaches and rugged mountain ranges. Brown asserted that the size of the map is one and a half times larger than the size of Britain in Forza Horizon 4.

But while the map itself seems to take more inspiration from Forza Horizon 3 With a similar diversity, the philosophy of . has been retained Forza Horizon 4 Changing and improving seasonal fluctuations.

Brown added: “Mexico has, in my opinion, a much more interesting seasonal variety than the UK. I think in the UK, certainly for those people who live in temperate climates, they literally have all seasons, spring and summer and autumn and winter. And for Mexico, being a country It experiences huge changes in altitude and terrain, and of course being a big country, it has different seasons in different areas, which we tried to recreate as accurately as possible.”

Brown said that unlike Forza Horizon 4 Where the weather is global where “if it rains in Edinburgh, it rains everywhere else in the world too”, Mexico is in Forza Horizon 5 It will support different weather conditions across different parts of the map.

“This creates great scenarios where you can have snow on top of the volcano and you can go up there and you can even get blizzards there, while at the exact same time it can be very hot down at the coast. There are still 4 seasons, no,” Brown added. You’ll still see this seasonal change, but it affects biomes in different ways.You get dust storms in the dry season, and tropical storms in the storm season, which is fall.So there are those big, big weather events that can also happen depending on what season you’re in. Both are very dynamic, and have a huge impact on the driving experience.”

This creates great scenarios where you can have snow on top of the volcano And you can even get blizzards there, while at the exact same time it can be very hot down at the coast.

The strength of these influences is due to the strength that it presents Xbox Series X│SThey can do a lot, Brown asserts, “either way, with volumetric lighting and a lot of great VFX systems, and a lot of debris and stuff flying around”.

“I think 10 years ago a sandstorm was just an orange filter on the screen,” Brown added. “But now it’s a real world 3D effect that light can get right through, where you can see little bits of the background scene appear and disappear while “The 3D dust moves in the scene. Likewise for a tropical storm, there is a lot of ambiance and fog in the scene. It gives a very deep experience.”

Evokes the vastness, beauty and sheer detail of Mexico in Forza Horizon 5 Immediately admirable, from the delicate thorns of a cactus to the striking murals of Mexican street artist Fred Rueda, but Brown is keen to stress that the series’ largest and most diverse map to date, it needs to be supported by all of the other components of the game in order to function.

“There’s a variety of cars, a variety of gameplay, a variety of driving experiences, it’s a world full of things to see and do,” Brown said, stressing that they aim to be Forza Horizon 5 “The most fun, smooth and comprehensive Horizon series ever.”

There’s a variety of cars, a variety of gameplay, a variety of driving experiences, it’s a world full of things to see and do..

And that’s in large part due to the way the game has been received by the community Forza Horizon 4.

Brown added: “I have moved on Forza Horizon 4 Just going from strength to strength. It has been a growing community all along. We’ve had three successful holiday seasons, with each holiday season being more successful than the last.”

He continued, “We’ve learned a lot about our community and the way they play the game, and a lot of those lessons have come from the way people interact with our free roaming experience. horizonThey tend to spend more and more time driving freely.

“That was the first point that got us thinking that we could add value to these people by giving them a bigger and more diverse world to explore. And that was, I think, the starting point for knowing that we have to make [Forza Horizon 5] Bigger game. We wanted it to be a diverse game. We also want it to be a game that truly rewards exploration. So it now offers a world that offers you so much more to find. There’s a challenge system that rewards you when you explore, there are different things to find…but there’s also a campaign mode that enhances that too, so when you explore, you’re making progress in your campaign too.”

During the development of Forza Horizon 4, the Playground team added a range of new modes to the experience, from the Battle Royale-inspired Eliminator to the insane custom events focused on Super 7.

“Each of these modes is very unique and is aimed at different types of players, different players who like to play the game in different ways,” Brown said. “We realized that when we give all those players what they need, we can build a vibrant community of creators and participants.”

“This was one of the real strengths of Horizon 4, and all these lessons will come to Horizon 5 to help all these players enter its world.”

Eliminator will be a part of Forza Horizon 5 from the start, as will Super 7, although the latter has been somewhat replaced by the all-new Events Lab, which Brown describes as “an amazing new toolkit that lets you create your own races, modes, and gaming experiences.” You will customize everything, down to the basic rules of the game.”

Brown explained that the Super 7 Challenge creator is now within the broader Events Lab toolkit, “but overall, we wanted to make sure that while we were adding features to Forza Horizon 4, we were thinking about how we could also add them to Forza Horizon 5.”

Another major strength of the . series is Forza Horizon in her dedication to truly reflecting the car cultures of the region, something she has been particularly successful in achieving with Forza Horizon 3 and exceptionally detailed Australian cars, as well as in Forza Horizon 4 And its huge garage of British sports and luxury cars, among others. But except for the short glimpses of cars added new to the series such as 2021 Ford Bronco And the Mercedes-AMG Formula One Project In the first disclosure, Playground She’s still very discreet on her upcoming car list Forza Horizon 5 At this early stage.

Mexico already has a really interesting car culture.

Brown said: “We’re not going to discuss the full details of the car listing now, so I have to be a little looser, but I can say that Mexico really has a really interesting car culture. As soon as you talk to any Mexican, he relaxes and begins to Telling you, the same way we saw it with the Australians in Horizon 3“.

“There is a culture that the rest of the world may not be fully aware of, but once you start to dig into it, you will find a real great history there. There are really great stories behind it all. We enjoyed exploring that and I think the players will too.”

“I’m sorry I can’t give you a better answer in terms of the specifics of the car listing, but I think you can rest assured that Mexico has a great car culture and that Horizon 5 You’ll do a great job sharing it with the world.”

mention that playground games ألعاب She will share her much anticipated game with the world Forza Horizon 5 On November 9.

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– Translated by Dima Muhanna