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Biggest gossip according to your sign: who is slandered?

Biggest gossip according to your sign: who is slandered?

Gossip and slander – daily bread for some, useless for others. Are you interested in what is happening in other people’s lives, and want to have an overview of all gossip? Then you will definitely be interested in who always has the hottest information. Or, on the contrary, does gossip tilt toward your heart when you don’t have patience for them? Find out which is best avoided. Every sign of the zodiac He deals with information differently and someone smells like gossip.

Aries (march 21 – april 20)

Rams can be very competitive, and when they feel insecure about anything (they will never admit it out loud) they can turn to gossip and slander. And they will be just as passionate about imparting information that will somehow attract and impress them The mood of a real ram. When they care about something, they simply ask, Their integrity and fiery energy will not allow them to do anything else. But they rarely have enough perseverance to try to uncover well-hidden secrets – they simply stop having fun too soon.

Taurus (april 21 – may 21)

Bulls have no interest in other people’s secrets, unless that is something they can use in practice. They are only interested in things that have a real impact on their lives. They are very rational and anchor and gossip that they consider unnecessary and superficial, though Leading a conversationThey want it to contain more interesting content. They are also very kind and don’t see anything good in gossip – they don’t want to hurt anyone and they are interested in completely different things in life. You will not understand gossip and slander.

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Rams sometimes resort to gossip and intrigue

Gemini (may 22 – june 21)

Gemini is one of the biggest gossip of the zodiac. Communication and transmission of information is normal for them and they will definitely not look for information of their own: they are interested in everything that is going on around them and put their noses on everything. Additionally, they have Excellent memoryAnd what they will be able to hear – which is not enough – they will remember for a very long time. When they pick up on some gossip, the only way to get them distracted is to throw them something a little more juicy.

Cancer (june 22 – july 22)

Cute, dear crabs don’t scratch – you’ll never hurt or want to on purpose Insert your nose into sensitive matters. However, sometimes, their caring and caring nature reigns supreme, and they start digging into someone else’s life – but most of the time they want to make sure the subject of their interest is in order. People love to share their secrets with them, because crayfish can listen, support and keep secrets. It’s a perfect willow tree, and if anyone got all the secrecy they got from it, that would be a wonderful flood.

Lev (23. 7. – 22. 8.)

Lions love to hear gossip … on their own. It’s a little selfish, But they love learning anything other people think of them. And all the other information is a bit secondary to them. Since distinctive lions naturally attract the eyes and interest of others, people often trust them with gossip and slander just because they get their attention and because it is in the company of a party. Lions do not prevent the gathering of information about others, but they do not actively publish or search for it.

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What you entrusted to Cancer will remain hidden, but be very wary of Gemini

Pana (23. 8. – 22. 9.)

Virgo is analytical and has a wonderful memory – thanks to this, everything you say to them will remain in your head forever and they will be able to form a complex picture of each individual. They also have enough Sarcastic humor And a strong critical voice – he often inadvertently creates gossip because he shares his opinion with someone. However, this is not a whisper based on lies, rather, on the contrary, things are truly justified. Virgins do not reveal anything to themselves, they are very disciplined to do so and they maintain their privacy.

Gauges (September 23 – October 23)

For Libra, gossip and slander are a second life – they aren’t as interested in anything as they are in relationships, and people are the most interesting topic for them to talk to. He sees everything, hears everything, and senses everything. they Emotional radar They are rarely disappointed and can usually very accurately guess what and why is happening to whom. In society, glamor and flirting is normal for them, so all you have to do is shake your head, laugh arrogantly, and pour out other people’s secrets. Then the scales collect, sort and securely store everything for later use.

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

Nobody can protect their privacy like a scorpion. He keeps his personal life secret and only the chosen ones have a peek. And to them The ability to manipulate othersTheir perseverance and charm allow them to obtain whatever information and secrets they want. It is definitely not social chatter and does not share information with others just to make a connection. Scorpios like to know secrets and keep them to themselves. What if they turned into valuable and usable trump cards?

Photo: Jacob Lund,

Libra loves to communicate and passionately loves to gather information about others

Sagittarius (november 23 – december 21)

Shooters can convince you that they definitely don’t scratch and don’t even need it – and you’ll believe them because they’re so open and direct! In fact, they are interested in everything. Whenever a drama happens somewhere, anything that’s exciting and provocative, the shooters find out. everybody. And so do others for them Open nature Stir something. The good news is that a Sagittarian does not scratch badly, does not start gossiping, and it does not destroy souls. They just love to know. They enjoy it and pass it on.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

There is so much going on in Capricorn heads that they just don’t have the ability to participate in other people’s lives. They are not interested in slandering, and they prefer silence over the transmission of empty information and assumptions. They are calm, stable and balanced, they go after themselves, They help peopleThey care about them, count on them. They definitely don’t need to poke their noses with curiosity about other people’s affairs. On the contrary, they often suffer from embarrassment and do not even want to know much, because they cannot always cope with the flow of emotions.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 20)

Aquarius doesn’t care what other people do if they do the same, and they follow the slogan “Live and let live.” They resent normal life and efforts to adapt to the box, and they truly passionately believe that people should do things their way, the way that works for them. Therefore, they are totally uninterested in gossiping, and have no reason to engage in other people’s affairs. They prefer to be with people exchange ideas Deep thinking, they’ll talk about their own thing, if possible, and get really good at it.

Pisces (21.2.- 20. 3.)

Fish are definitely not gossip, they are not using gossip to manipulate and to their advantage. They just are Very intuitive and emotional They feel anything, and therefore they know more than most people. Attentive to hints and unspoken sentences, they capture even a slight change in the atmosphere. However, they either keep most of them or share information to help others as much as possible. They are unique listeners you can say anything to and their support and encouragement. Secrets are safe with them.