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Na náměstí Interbrigády v Praze, kde stával pomník sovětského maršala Koněva, se potkali sympatizanti i odpůrci současného Ruska.

Bikers with “little birds but balls” wait for “U Konawa” for the Knight Wolves

Panditos locations call themselves a “club of friends” who travel around the Czech Republic and Europe in mopeds, enjoying humor and recession. They have not yet entered public space or politics. They decided to take a strong stand only on the riding of pro-Russian two-wheelers.

“We are ashamed of other Czech bikers dealing with the Proputin clown. Especially after the revelation of the Vrbětice case, we consider it disgusting. “After the wolves left Bubenik,” said Jindich Melicher, of Panditos. .

Melissa and his comrades were pleasantly surprised that public opposition to the “Kremlin pro-traitors” was not clear in Czech society. “We considered it necessary to express my disagreement with the blatant pro-Putin bikers representing the Czech Russian-Russian climbing gang. Justified.

“We may have small machines or birds, but we certainly have balls, pride and self-respect,” the text said, adding that there was nothing against ordinary Russians in the group, but against their leaders and state policy. “It has historically been based on values ​​such as lies and ruthlessness to one’s own people and the world around me. We do not understand how the Czech people can see Russia or China as a political system that means nothing but happiness and individual freedom. You will be stuffed, ”Benazov Mopedists justified their name.

Vrbětice? To present the evidence, the Communist thunder

Even after the two motorcycle groups left, about forty people who supported nationalist and communist politics remained at the site. Vladimir Vatova, a political scientist and leader of the Coalition of National Forces, spoke into a microphone. “We are in a monument to the absence of supreme heroism. In all the films and books, the great hero who saved the people, the nation and the state. We have no greater heroes in our country than the representatives of the Red Cross,” Wattov said in the introduction to the speech, in which he attempts to change the history of Panditos’ locations. The band. “

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Later, Joseph Scola, a well-known communist and supporter of the “hard line”, took the floor. “Rusophobia is a disgusting diagnosis. Soviet soldiers who fell in Prague or were crippled in 1945. What would some Czech people today think of the cavalry approach to their memory,” Skela said, calling for “clear evidence” of Russia’s involvement in the Vrbětice eruption. “Otherwise, responsible persons must try and walk in the midst of shame,” Scala continued, expressing hope that the last line he defended would win thanks to the “peaceful majority”.

Ms. Ivana also came to Interbrigade Square to support Ms. Army and present-day Russia. “For the past ten years, I have had the impression that going west would be a disaster for this country. Apparently, without the 1968 invasion, the local ‘chaos’ would have started twenty years ago. I am not a racist, but I’m very worried because I adore immigrants and homosexuals.” As an aggressor, “said Ivana. “I think the timing of the Vrbětice case many years later may be related to the change of president in the United States,” he added.