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Billionaire Eduard Kučera and another blow to Miček's business

Billionaire Eduard Kučera and another blow to Miček’s business

Working with Apple is the dream of many startups, and Czech StockStory is one of those that have succeeded – their reports on the financial results of the biggest companies have reached Akcie’s Apple app. But this isn’t the only big news we wrote about last week. The success of Avast co-founder Eduard Kučera, who first became a billionaire owner according to the magazine, also resonated with. ForbesThere was also talk of another unpleasant hit to Michel Miuka’s business.

The days gone by were also in the spirit of the movie. For example, the first trailer for the sequel to the basketball game “Fun” has arrived. Crowded placeAnother attraction appeared Black Widow We have released the second issue of the CC Watch newsletter. Despite the fact that we looked under the cover of the blow Godzilla vs. Kong.

Among other things, we have jotted down the experiences from koda Enyak Electric and described what the Czech game platform Gamee originally wanted to record on the blockchain. There was also a summary of the basic information discussed at the recent CzechCrunch Onlajn conference, where we focused on expanding overseas.

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🏀 Space Jam continues with LeBron James: Basketball and Characters from Looney Tunes. Cult movie Crowded place, In which he also played legendary Michael Jordan, returns in the second sequel. Instead of Jordan, LeBron James will take the lead role in it.

✉️ New CC Watch with movie tips: If you want to learn about film and TV events and at the same time are looking for evening watching tips, you can read the second issue of the CC Watch newsletter.

Record The Weeknd with exclusive NFTs: When Canadian singer The Weeknd launched his exclusive NFT fan group, he was expected to reap success. It’s now clear – new unique futuristic photos and a song that wasn’t auctioned off have sold for more than $ 2 million.

👩 Sayu wants to penetrate her period panties: The family business Sayu offers menstrual panties based on comfort and the environmental aspect. And, apparently, Czechs are conquering the world in the sphere of women’s intimacy, which is also confirmed by rival Snuggs.

The Louvre Museum makes its works available online: Museums are suffering from a pandemic, so the famous Louvre has decided to publish its works online for free to anyone who wants to see a collection of the world’s most famous museums, at least from their homes. There are nearly half a million things available.

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🐶 AnyoneGo Czech wins prestigious design award: Local start-up AnyoneGo designs handicap animal aids that are not only functional but attractive as well. The prestigious Red Dot jury, in which AnyoneGo scored, also noted this.

🚇 Future Hyperloop station: It is not entirely certain when the first high-speed transmission system will be launched, but now at least we can see what its stations and routes will look like. HyperloopTT reveals a truly futuristic design.


News of the emerging Czech StockStory company has entered the stock app from Apple. Adam Hajal says it is a great success

Adam Hajal, founder of the startup StockStory

Photo: StockStory

With StockStory starting up, Adam Hajjal wants to open up stock investment to everyone and is reporting huge success. Flash it At the same time, his sophisticated analyzes of financial results reached the official stock app from Apple.


There are more billionaires in the world than ever before. And for the first time, they are joined by Edward Cochira, one of the founders of Avast

Last year, he gave birth to more billionaires than anyone else, and for the first time, there were nine Czechs. Avast co-founder, Eduard Kučera, also appears in the ranking of the richest people on the planet.


Michel Mica has sent his companies from the C2H group into bankruptcy. It owes hundreds of millions of crowns and proposes outright bankruptcy

Mecal Mica 3

Michel Mica

Photo: C2H

The solution to Michel Miuka’s financial problems is an expected development. The 33-year-old businessman has bankrupted other companies he has funded his fashion business. The survival of Cara and Pietro Felipe is still being played.


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Czech game service, Gamee, gets access to the blockchain. It manages its tokens and also introduces robots like NFT

Bozina RSP

Božena ežáb, co-founder of Gamee gaming service

Photo: Gamee / CzechCrunch

Blockchain has an exciting future ahead of it, and the Czech game joins the trend. It recently launched its tokens for better gaming experience and also introduces robots in the form of NFT.


Energy on the go. Jakub Ditrich and their Powerbox.ONE offer more convenient outdoor e-bike shipping

Power Boxson 2

The Powerbox.ONE solution eliminates the need to pull heavy chargers

Photo: Powerbox.ONE

At home everyone can charge an e-bike, but abroad this is a problem. That’s why Jakub Ditrich comes to the market with a universal box that can ship almost all types of electric bikes.


Umeda z Twista says foreign investors are an advantage in the expansion. He invades Poland and prepares for Romania

Smida online

Twist director Michel Umeda at the CheckCrunch Online conference

Photo: CheckCrunch

When you expand into a foreign country and have foreign investors on board, that can be a strategic advantage, says Michel Umeda. Thanks to that, his startup, Twisto, invades Poland and goes to Romania.

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We traveled via Enyaq. Skoda’s first purely electric vehicle is exactly what it should be


We drove a stylish koda electric car

Photo: koda Auto

It is quite possibly the most important car from Mlada Boleslav of the last few years. We traveled the first kilometers with a pure electric car and koda appears to be on its way to an electric future.


Black Widow premiere is nearing and Disney brings a new trailer. It shows the childhood of the heroine and the nature of the work

Black Widow

Black Widow We’ll see in cinemas in the summer

Image: Falcon

New superhero movie trailer Black Widow, Arriving in July, not only attracts a large portion of the event but also reveals the mysterious past of the iconic character.


Not everyone can do anything. The hypothetical founders’ meeting showed that founders must go beyond their comfort zone


Pavel Shema, Mary Salomonova and David Ceska spoke about their experiences

Photo: CheckCrunch

This year’s virtual founders meeting also addressed the issue of mental health in startups. The experts and founders have spoken candidly about leaving the comfort zone, depression, and other obstacles – but above all about how to successfully overcome them.


Zonky is more associated with Air Bank and is closer to black numbers. It remained in loss due to the stalled expansion

Jerry Hamhal Zonky-Top2

Jerry Humhall, CEO of Zonky

Photo: Zunki

The Zonky loan platform had a historic record month in which it loaned the most money, and if the overseas expansion had not been cut off, it would have announced its profitable first year.


A course is being launched that could increase the potential of the Czech Republic. The elements of artificial intelligence simply explain what artificial intelligence is


Scientist Tomáš Mikolov is also collaborating on the Elements of AI project

The AI ​​Elements Course is being launched in the Czech Republic, which can expand the potential of the entire country and raise awareness of future key technology. He is also accompanied by leading expert on artificial intelligence Tomash Mikulov.


Godzilla vs. Kong is his biggest premiere since the start of the epidemic. It presents a great spectacle with a safe ideology

gvk boxed

Screenshots from the movie Godzilla vs King Kong

Photo: Vertical Ent.

Expected slide Godzilla vs. Kong It is especially fun and therefore works great. The movie about crushing monsters is the most successful since the start of the pandemic and is hitting movie theaters and online.


Prague was America to them, and now they have a global business. At first, we weren’t ready to expand, says Ghetto Kfash

kvass on the Internet

Vladimir Kvach at the CheckCrunch Online conference

Photo: CheckCrunch

The first attempt to expand the Czech Geetoo was unsuccessful. So I decided on a major reboot – and it is now providing cloud services all over Europe. At the CzechCrunch Onlajn conference, the president of the company explained the reason for this success.


Adidas began selling innovative LEGO sneakers. You can create three creative ribbons from colored blocks

Adidas embarks on another creative collaboration. It offers a special edition Ultraboost sneakers, where you can create three creative lines from brightly colored LEGO blocks.


Fun Spanish language education in the event of a pandemic. Václav Bolech has created a website and teaches with the help of a virtual whiteboard

onlinespanelsky5 min

In the event of a pandemic, Vaclav Polish has devised his own method of teaching

Photo: Voich Rossar

Due to the pandemic, his Spanish students dropped out and decided how to revive the courses. Ultimately, Václav Bolech decided to create his own website, as he started offering fun online lessons for popular money, attracting more and more applicants.


Half a billion people have leaked phone numbers from Facebook. More than one million affected Czechs must increase security

Facebook is processing another major leak of its users’ sensitive data. Since it also applies to over a million Czech accounts, the recommendation is clear: activate two-factor verification not only on Facebook.


Tesla announced a record high in the first quarter. It delivered 185,000 electric cars and exceeded all expectations


Tesla Model 3

Photo: Tesla

Automakers around the world are suffering from a shortage of chips, but Tesla is still posting records that beat expectations. In the first quarter, it delivered 185,000 electric vehicles.


Czech Neural audio software detects machine malfunctions by sound. He has found a new boss in the crisis and is aiming for € 1 million in sales


Management of Neural Vocal Programs: Tomáš Vacek, Petr Černohorský, Lukáš Loun, Pavel Konečný, and Radim Pilous

Foto: Neuron Soundware

Czech company Neuron Soundware, which detects malfunctions of the machine with the help of voice, used last year to improve the product and aims to achieve sales of 1 million euros. He wants to turn into profit soon.


Specialization in Information Technology has paid off. The Czech employment agency Nymble has grown to 30 million people in the epidemic


Václav Myšák and Miroslav Vaško, founders of the Nymble Employment Agency

Photo: Nimble

The Czech employment agency Nymble has paid a bet on the IT major. After the pandemic arrived, its business initially collapsed, but it eventually reported a threefold growth in the past year.


Hummer Electric gets new shapes. The pick-up will be supplemented with a classic SUV version of more than 2 million crowns


Hummer Electric received a new version of the SUV

Photo: General Motors

Last year, GM introduced a reboot of a legend called Hummer and breathe a whole new spirit into it. The iconic vehicle has become an electric pickup truck, which now also complements the SUV version.


In court, the Czech-American company Parrot translates the data into text and receives millions of dollars from loud investors

Image from ios-4

Team start-up parrot

Photo: parrot

It is developing in the Czech Republic, and in the USA it works in the courts. Parrot’s speech-to-text technology replaces the long and costly process of manual transcription – and is also attracting high-end investors.