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Bint Aila looks like me.. Qusai Khouli reveals the characteristics of his dream girl (video)

Bint Aila looks like me.. Qusai Khouli reveals the characteristics of his dream girl (video)

Syrian star revealed Qusai Kholiexpressed his views on many technical matters on the scene, while he talked in detail about some aspects of his personal life, while he disclosed the specifications of his life partner or the girl of his dreams.

Qusai Kholi He was a guest on the program “A Al-Bakla” broadcast on the Lebanese satellite “Al-Jadeed”, presented by the media, Nisreen Zawahira, and confirmed that he does not think at all about whether the role he will play will be the first or the second, and he believes that there is an artist who is good at stimulating and another is not good at it.

Qusay Khouli described his colleagues, who expressed a desire to participate with them in fine works soon, that they are all his friends, saying: “Basil is a companion of my life and my brother, Tim is also my brother, and the same is true for Ahmed Al-Ahmad, Qais and Maxim, all the young men are our companions, we are all one generation.”

Qusai Khouli revealed the characteristics of his dream girl, saying: “I hope that she will look like me, and that I can build with her a house that achieves stability and security, and that she is (a girl of a family and people) and understands my personal nature and the nature of my work.”

Qusai Khouli wished to be with a girl who would make him happy, bring him peace of mind and security, and be smart as well.

Qusai Khouli – Photo from his Facebook account

Qusai Khouli also spoke about the existence of a problem that affects Arab art in general, which is the performance of some actors for the same role in more than one work, based on his success in embodying the same character in a previous work, stressing that the roles are distributed by desire, in addition to the weakness of some From directors, producers, writers and actors, when I am offered a role and I performed it in the past, I do not work in it.”

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And about the latest work of the star Qusai Khouli, and he had participated in the series “From Elly”, which comes with starring Valerie Abu Chakra, Faji Abu Samra, Ali Mneimneh, Wissam Saliba, Ihab Shaaban, Bayarit Katrib, Ramez Al-Aswad, and Joseph Sassin. Written by Bilal Shehadadt, directed by Majdi Al-Sumairi.

The series revolves around society in Syria, but it focuses more on the story of a man who seeks to restore his normal life, after losing everything, and in order to achieve his goal, the man tries to pass in peace from many obstacles.

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