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Bir Barhout: Omani explorers descend into the "bottom of hell" in Yemen

Bir Barhout: Omani explorers descend into the “bottom of hell” in Yemen

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It is believed that the well is millions of years old

A team of Omani cave explorers managed for the first time to go down to a well in the desert of Yemen, which is surrounded by legends, and is known as the “bottom of Hell” or “the prison of the jinn”.

It is believed that the well of Barhout is more than a hundred meters deep, and the common people fly from it, and legends have been told about it for centuries that it is inhabited by evil spirits.

The explorers took out samples of soil, stones and water, in order to conduct analyzes on them. In its bottom they encountered snakes, frogs, beetles, and dead animals, but they did not find evil spirits.

“We found snakes, but they don’t bother you unless you bother them,” Muhammad Al Kindi, a professor of geology at the German University in Amman, was quoted by the French news agency as saying.