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Birmingham Library .. 33,500 square meters and burned twice, and includes a private room for "Shakespeare"

Birmingham Library .. 33,500 square meters and burned twice, and includes a private room for “Shakespeare”

On this day, on August 3, 2013, the Birmingham Library in the United Kingdom, the largest municipal public library in the United Kingdom, opened on an area of ​​33,500 square meters. A cultural place in Europe.

The current library is the result of the development of Birmingham Central Library, built in 1973. The story of the library building begins in 1879, when a fire broke out in the library, most of which burned about 50,000 books, and only a thousand books remain.

Three years later, especially in 1882, the library reopened in the middle of a big celebration in the city, and the library lasted until 1974, when the old library was demolished and moved to another site nearby. Non-national throughout Europe.

In 1991, the library erupted into another fire that resulted in the burning of the children’s library and part of the building’s basement. Two years later, the “Children’s Center” and the “Business Center” were established, after which the modernization and development of the library continued until it opened in 2013.

The library has several rooms, most notably the Shakespeare Memorial Library.

The L-shaped memorial room opened a reading room from a reference library on the first floor of the building. The room is distinguished by carved sculptures and metalwork representing birds, flowers and leaves, metalwork, drawings and ceiling decorations.

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