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جامعة بيرزيت ترفع علم فلسطين مجدداً بعد أن نزعته قوات الاحتلال

Birzeit University raises the Palestinian flag again after the occupation forces removed it

Ramallah – Dunya Al Watan
Birzeit University condemned the Israeli occupation forces’ storming of its campus at dawn today, Tuesday, December 14, 2021, and denounced the attack on the university guard, the removal of the Palestinian flag from the flagpole in front of the Faculty of Science, and the tampering and sabotage of the university’s contents, in flagrant violation of the norms and covenants that prohibit attacks on academic facilities. .

The Palestinian flag is a symbol of the national struggle, a flag of the state, its freedom and independence, a political symbol and one of the most powerful tools for disturbing and resisting the occupation.

In a symbolic message, the university organized a collective stand to express the university family’s rejection of this intrusion. The flag was raised again, confirming Birzeit University’s insistence on maintaining its pioneering role in safeguarding Palestinian patriotism, and its insistence on continuing to perform its national, academic and societal mission.

Birzeit University called on our people and their official national and popular institutions to express their rejection of such attacks, solidarity with any institution subjected to such aggression, and to address the relevant international human rights institutions to condemn such attacks, which will only increase our adherence to our national positions.

The occupation forces brutally stormed the university with large numbers of occupation soldiers, nearly 100 soldiers, from the eastern entrance, stormed the faculties of science, pharmacy, nursing, health professions and graduate studies, and tampered with offices and facilities.

This intrusion coincides with the Palestinian Teacher’s Day and a continuation of the systematic policy of the occupation to destroy educational life in Palestine. Birzeit University was stormed dozens of times by the occupation forces, and its students were subjected to repeated attacks and arrests.

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