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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies stagnate but break records. Interest about etherium

According to the Bitstamp trading platform, Ethereum has written more than 300 percent since the start of the year, while Bitcoin has written less than 100 percent. Consequently, Bitcoin’s dominance in the cryptocurrency market has fallen sharply this year, reaching 15 percent, according to Ether. The agency noted that Bloomberg.

The price of the digital currency, Ethereum, increased by 290 percent in 2021. According to the specialist website CoinMarketCap, the total value of all ether in circulation is now around $ 333 billion. On the other hand, the barbed value of all Bitcoins is no more than $ 1.1 trillion, and it reached a price of $ 58,000 per coin on Monday morning. A few weeks ago, Bitcoin Milk also crossed the $ 65,000 limit, and in that regard, this digital currency was completely lost.

Analyst Edward Moya from Oanda told Bloomberg that Ethereum is growing and it appears that there is a lot of trouble in its travels. Just before 09:00 SEL, the price for Ether was around $ 3,090. About six percent have written in the past 24 hours and 25 percent in the past week.

But there are other cryptocurrencies as well. One of them is the hypothetical name Dogecoin, which was originally created as a joke and a slump, and most people drink in contact with me, and thanks to Twitter, Elona Muska, who often mentions dogecoin in his works. The value of this cryptocurrency has increased since last year by more than 18,000 percent.

Bitcoin tst nepin. The survey shows that the cryptocurrency is not investor relations

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In recent months, central bank policy and government support programs will help with cryptography. Due to the pandemic, an unprecedented number of pensions has reached the economies of individual countries, raising concerns about rising inflation. Investments in cryptocurrencies are seen as a reliable store of value. A whole bunch of investors could be bothering some sttn domains.

Cryptocurrency bitcoin in the past months has helped a lot of interest from several prominent companies. At the end of the year, Tesla invested more than $ 1.5 billion in it, which is about 32 billion crowns. Microstrategy has taken a similar step with you. PayPal has also contributed to an increase in the price of bitcoin, through which customers can buy them in cryptocurrency, and one million sellers can pay bitcoin for goods from more than two tablets.

Ethereum differs from Bitcoin in many ways. Ethereum is much faster than titcoin, and compared to Bitcoin, it has not been mined as much. Investors view Ethereum as a smart cryptocurrency with far more functions than Bitcoin. So Bitcoin should function as a currency.