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Black Widows: Griseld's Cocaine Godfather forced men to have sex, executed strippers and husbands

Black Widows: Griseld’s Cocaine Godfather forced men to have sex, executed strippers and husbands

McApril 26, 2021 • 18:10

One of the worst drug mafias in America was a woman named Griseldo Blanco. A young woman, vengeful, and in time, really ugly that no one has ever told her. However, she was married three times, two of which ended with the death of her husband. Griseld dies. You could say that without drugs and murders, you would be an amazing businesswoman. But without drugs and murders, there might not be any.

Griselda, later called the godfather or queen of cocaine in Miami, is said to have been responsible for her first murder at the age of 11. He and his group kidnapped a son from a wealthy family when their parents did not pay the ransom, Griselda shot him without remorse. She has been killing since then.

I started a gigantic business with people smuggling and later drugs, and it solved all problems with murder. Does anyone owe her? I shot him. Is it a city to anyone? I shot him. She killed entire families, including children, just so that they would not be witnesses. She was killed for the slightest transgressions, which her first husband could tell us if he survived their little quarrel. After a silly note, Griselda shoved the pistol in his mouth and fired. The father of her three children was killed on the spot. So it is alleged – he officially died of cirrhosis.

April 2, 2021 • 18:59

She moved with her second husband, Albert Brave, who was ironically introduced to her by her first husband, to the United States and became a drug queen. But even this time, her marriage did not last. Bravo must have been cheating and stealing her, and Griselda didn’t want her to like that. Arriving in Colombia and in the parking lot in front of the club, where her husband was supposed to wait for her, the shooter set off from the action films. In the end, there were seven corpses in the parking lot, including Bravo. Griselda escaped with a blow to the stomach from a machine gun.

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She moved to Miami with her third husband, where she began the most successful part of her life. It released millions of cocaine every month, killing people for fun, as evidenced by the fact that the coroner’s office had to borrow a full-bodied fridge from Burger King.

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March 27, 2021 • 12:18 pm

Griselda reportedly hired prostitutes for orgies and then enjoyed their execution. She put the gun to the men’s head again and forced them to have sex. Police attribute something between 20 and 400 murders to her. But nothing lasts forever – Griseld is eventually caught by the police and ended up in the shadows for 19 years. After eight years free in Bogota, she was shot while shopping at a butcher.