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Blansko is back, baseball weekend will be complete again, Linka Brozova

Olympia Blansko Nuclears awaits from Třebíč after a quick three-week match. So far, they are doing very well, have had five wins to their tally and a new Extra League star, Ryan Johnson, is in the team. The Canadian Booster performs great on both the court and the racket. On the contrary, for Blansko it actually marks a new beginning for the competition. His shirt will also feature the Japanese catcher Natsuhiko Ue, who was already on the team in 2018. The opponents know each other very well, starting with the joint promotion to the extra league in 2017, they always fought in vain to advance to the TOP6, in on the contrary, they always played superstructure.

Another weekend series is the matches between Eagles Praha and Harushi Brno. The two teams succeeded in the last round, the Eagles beat Lightning three times, Hippo twice beat Tempo, and both remained at the forefront of the unfinished table. One of the most talented young men is Matuj Bubnik, catcher Eagles. “I really appreciate the chance to play in the extra league. I am looking forward to the series with Hippos, and now they are the leader of the table, and it will be difficult to beat them. We have to burn and run and catch a hundred percent and that will be fine. I think we will take this challenge,” said one participant. At the U-12 World Cup in 2017 before the series. Hippo players, specifically Martin Dvushak, also believe in winning other prizes, preferably three: “Against Tempus, we scored and won the series. More offensive and definitely more points. For us, the main thing is to beat Tomás Dovik and not let our opponents in. In big roles. “

Finish-streak battle in Prague Derby Eagles (in white) – tempo.

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The second duel between Prague and Brno will be a series of dragons with Kotlářka. Both teams had only one win from last weekend, and both teams had to say goodbye to several pre-season supports. In addition, a few days ago, Daniel Favrosha, long-term support for Prague club and the national team, announced the end of his career. Kotlářka must especially work on her attack, which has the second worst attack in the competition. So far, I have managed to achieve 59 results, which is 4 times more than the Dragons, but have played 3 fewer matches.

The newcomer has twice dealt with the extra champions

The third Prague Tempo team is waiting for Ostrava. Arrows stood in the last round, and Tempo won only one victory. Sure, he couldn’t be happy with the center at the table. The people of Ostrava not only own the best team in the Extra League, but also the national bowlers of Bocage and Satorium. But Tempo also has casting pitch in its midst, as well as Marek Minak also Israeli actor Joy Wagman. “We know Tempo has a powerful throwing battery and we’re trying to prepare for the hit. We’ll try to minimize the defensive fouls we’ve made enough lately. I think if we succeed, we’ll win the series with Temp,” bowler Ondřej Satoria plots a perfect course.

The fourth round will also bring dueling for newcomers, i.e. Hlubuka and Jablonec. Lightning must first be introduced into the home playground, which has already stopped the late winter attack. Teams entered the competition differently. The Falcon rides the winning wave, wins the chain over the title holders and takes second place on the table. On the contrary, Blesk only celebrated once, with the Dragons, despite matches, he came out empty-handed, as well as in series with the Eagles. Archer Adam Brenner thinks: “We have to improve everything.” “The defense isn’t bad, but we have to do more hill strokes. It would be nice on the bat not to help the opponent’s archers and only shoot strikes.” On the other hand, Deep can build on the reliable performance of all components and true baseball enthusiasm.

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Opponents of the fourth round
Olympia Blansko – Nuclers Trebic
Dragon Brno – Kotlářka Prague
Eagles Prague – Hippos Brno
Arrows of Ostrava – Tempo Prague
Sokol Hlopuka – Pliske Jablonec