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BMW showed off a prototype of the first electric sharpie model

BMW showed off a prototype of the first electric sharpie model

The role of the first electric model from BMW M was fulfilled by cars such as the i4 M50 or iX M60but when it comes to “full fat” cars of the type M3, M4 or M5, it does not yet have their electric equivalents in the Munich automaker’s portfolio.

However, BMW indicates that this, too, is about to change. The only photo of the prototype, a modified i4 with an extended M3-style chassis, suggests the M Division is preparing for the electric era with some really sharp cars.

The front part of the body was equipped with modified stiffeners from the M3 and M4 model series, which ensured high torsional rigidity.

The extensively tested prototype had exactly four electric motors, one for each wheel. According to BMW, this opens up completely new possibilities for perfectly smooth, extremely precise tuning and at the same time a very fast distribution of driving force.

“The power and torque of the interacting electric motors can be precisely distributed automatically within a few milliseconds so that the power demand determined by the throttle can be achieved at a dynamic level unattainable with conventional drive systems,” says Dirk Hacker, Head of Development for BMW M.

It is not clear whether BMW is preparing a serial version of the i4 with an extended chassis and four electric motors, or whether this prototype is a preparation for other sharp models.

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