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Boatman Rohan wins the World Championships in Troy for the first time in his career

Boatman Rohan wins the World Championships in Troy for the first time in his career

Updates: 13.06.2021 17:58

PRAGUE – Canoeist Lukasz Rohan won the World Water Slalom World Cup for the first time in his career. In the synthetic canal in Troja, he won the day by one touch in the first goal of the final race and emulated Saturday’s victory for kayaker Jiří Prskavec. The medal collection from the preliminary part of the world championships of the season was supplemented with bronze by another Olympian Teresa Ficherova among the canoeists. The Czechs added other precious metals in the extreme slalom. European champion Witt Brindisch won the new Olympic championship while Ondig Tonka finished third.

Last year’s European vice-champion Rohan, 26, left 24 per cent behind two-time clean world champion David Florence of Britain, and finished third by one touch Slovenian Benjamin Savcic, who won the European Championship in Prague last year. Rohan waited a long time at the end for the race to develop for him, because after eighth in the semi-finals he started with third place in the standings.

Although he didn’t repeat the clean ride, he clearly flashed the best time of the day. Ironically, the touch in the first goal benefited him. “I thought I was really a horn. I think it helped that it actually fell off of me. I drove something more than I had planned and it worked for me, honestly I don’t even know how. Thanks and a gold medal around his neck to that, this is no time,” he said with a gold medal around his neck. Believe.

Jerry Rohan, the son of the successful first roster and chief organizer of the Prague race, did not receive a medal from the Cup Series. His maximum was in sixth place. He was in tune with the continuation of the Olympic season, which he started as a participant in the Tokyo Games in May in thirteenth place at the European Championships in Ivry, where he defended the silver medal from Troy.

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Ficherova was lost in Prague by German Andrea Herzogova and Sovereign winner Jessica Voxova of Australia, who was the only one of the ten finalists to cross the track cleanly. The Czech team made one touchdown, as did Herzog.

She took off on the track thanks to her second semi-final place as penultimate and still had to wait for Briton Mallory Franklin to perform. The world champion from 2017 also scored a “poke” and finished fourth with an 81 percent loss to the Czech vice European champion. Fisher was pleasantly surprised that it ended up in front of her eyes.

“When I arrived, I thought it would be a potato, because Mallory is a great rider. So I wasn’t really hoping it would work. But it did, and the feelings coming now are incredibly beautiful,” she exclaimed. se se.

She didn’t even think that she could jeopardize Sovereign Fox’s time. “I saw it when I went to the start and said to myself, ‘This is a completely different league. So, congratulations to the girl for the gold,” said the seven-time world champion in boat and kayak in the last round.

The other Czechs did not make it to the finals today. Wojciech Heger, Vaclav Chalubka, Gabriella and Martin Satkova were eliminated in the semi-finals.

Early in the evening, Czech boaters added two more medals in the intense slalom. Přindiš pursued the last European title. He acted confidently in the final. After the start, he rushes to the leading position for the first goal and then passes to all opponents. “Today’s final race was very fun, because the boys fought there. I had a lot of anxiety in the semi-finals, when Joe Clark attacked me a lot,” said Přindiš. He has the extra discipline that will be part of the Olympic program from Paris in 2024. “I thought I’d try to ride it this year. I like the boat we ride on because it’s a lot like a slalom. It’s not clumsy, it’s as big as it used to be. It’s fun.” Extremely”.

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The 2017 kayak world champion Tonka did not make it to the national team in the intense local competition, but he did get a chance in the intense slalom. Turn it into third place. “It’s a nice diversion, but of course I regret watching the slalom only from the beach,” he said. Next week he will represent in the world championships in Leipzig and in the traditional race, because Olympian Jerry Preskavik will miss this race. “I’m really looking forward to it there and I hope to show something nice there.”


C1: 1. Rohan (Czechoslovakia) 97.20 (penalty two seconds), 2. Florence (Britain) -0.24 (0), 3. Savcic (Slovenia) -2.60 (2), … in the semi-finals. 15. Heger, 28. Chalubka (Both CR).


C1: 1. Fox (Austr.) 105.15 (0), 2. Herzogová (DEU) -4.83 (2), 3. Vicherova -5.61 (2) … in the semi-finals 16. c. Satkova, 22. m. Satkova (all CR).

severe limp


K1: 1. Come (Czech Republic), 2. Butcher (N. Zél.), 3. Tonka, …Hradilik (Both players CR) – Eliminated in the quarter-finals.


K1: 1. Kuhnle (AUT), 2. Pennie (Brit.), 3. Krylov (RUS), …Viserova – eliminated in the quarter-finals, Nesnedalova, A. Hilgritova (All CR players) – Eliminated in the first round.

Rowing in the semi-finals of the World Championships Slalom in Prague