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“Boca” trains its youth in vibrating stadiums in preparation for the “Bombonera”

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Argentine soccer club Boca Juniors has installed devices that make the club’s training grounds vibrate as a way to prepare young players to play in a stadium notorious for its hustle and bustle under the feet of enthusiastic fans.

Juan Roman Riquelme, the club’s former midfielder and current vice president, said Boca’s Bombonera stadium is known to shake when fans jump together at big matches, but the experience can be uncomfortable for young players and youngsters.

“This does not happen anywhere else. It is the only stadium that moves. When you are there you can feel the stadium moving,” he added in a video clip on the club’s channels on social media platforms.

And Boca Club recently installed a series of devices that generate compressed air, which causes the training grounds to vibrate. The devices are linked to the club’s social media accounts. So when fans press “like”, the club turns it into a jolt on the training ground.

Boca, which is based in Buenos Aires, has 4.5 million followers on Twitter, 6.4 million on Instagram and 8.7 million on Facebook.

“You must be ready to play in the name of Boca. We are preparing the youngsters who will join the ranks of the first team tomorrow. We are preparing them for football…and psychologically as well,” said a video clip broadcast by the club.

Boca is one of the biggest teams in South America, and they have the most passionate fans. The club witnessed the emergence of players such as Diego Maradona, Carlos Tevez and Claudio Caniggia.

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