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Boiler subsidies - conditions for replacing boilers and heaters

Boiler subsidies – conditions for replacing boilers and heaters

All other houses, for which the Ministry of Environment finances up to half of the costs, also have the opportunity to purchase a new boiler with support. In total, the resort has allocated at least fourteen billion kroner for environmentally friendly heating by next year, 5.5 billion of which are planned to be distributed to low-income families. Most of the money comes from European funds.

Why replace an old kettle? Can a gas boiler be supported?

From September 1, 2022, the Czech Republic will be prohibited from operating solid fuel boilers, such as coal and wood, that do not meet at least the third emission class. After this date, the authorities will begin to control the heating in homes, for violating the rules, the owner faces a fine of up to fifty thousand crowns. Originally they had Boiler subsidies Until the end of last year, but the Ministry of Environment agreed with the European Commission to extend it.

Families will be able to apply for benefits until September 1, 2022 at the latest. Subsidies do not apply to old gas boilers, but only to gas heaters, which can be replaced by obtaining a subsidy from the new Green Savings Program.

What is a boiler support?

These are subsidies from the non-environmental boiler replacement program or domestic heaters used as the main source of heat in homes. In the latter period of this year to next year, it was divided into two titles to support. One is used for low-income families and applications for it are submitted through individual regional authorities. The second, for others, works within the program New green savings. In this case, applications for benefits are submitted electronically via the website, which is responsible for the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic. It can also be consulted.

In the case of benefits for low-income families, the average net income per family member in 2020 was a maximum of CZK 170,900. These include current taxable income, annuities and select types of benefits. Entry for children and students under the age of 26 is considered zero. The subsidy for accrued expenses is 95 percent and in the case of a gas condensing boiler a maximum of 100,000 kroner. For biomass boilers and heat pumps, this limit is 130,000.

when New green savings For other households, the subsidy is up to a maximum of 50 percent, but the rewards can be achieved in combination with other measures. There is also a wider possibility of using new heat sources, in addition to the above, it is possible to achieve support when connected to the heat supply system or in the production of electricity and heat at the same time. This program can also pull support for compensating for local heating, such as stoves.

Boiler support conditions

To get subsidies for low income families Applications will be possible from the beginning of 2022. Support will be provided for installations that have been implemented from January 1, 2021. Applicants may be owners or co-owners of a family, condominium, condominium or recreation facility that are permanently inhabited.

The application in the appropriate form must be accompanied by a document on the inspection of the technical condition and operation of the original source, i.e. to prove that it meets the criteria for the exchange, documents attesting property ownership and photo documentation of the current boiler.

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After replacing the old boiler, the applicant must provide photographic documents of the newly installed equipment, proof of installation and operation, in the case of boilers, a flue inspection report, an installation report prepared by an authorized person, confirmation of the environmental disposal of the old boiler and accounting documents.

The New Green Savings Scholarship: What it will help you with and how to apply for it

The subsidies through New green savingsApplicants may again only be the owners or co-owners of a permanently inhabited family, apartment, condominium or recreational facility. As with the previous program, support applies to installations made from January 1, 2021. It will be possible to submit online orders from this fall. The application documents are the same as those for low-income families, as well as documents after the installation of the new source.

What is the new green savings program?

New Green Savings is a support program designed for Energy saving Family homes and apartments. The first period began in 2014, and since then billions of crowns have been distributed to tens of thousands of families. The essence of the program is to reduce the energy intensity of residential homes, that is, the renovation and construction of low-energy homes for families and apartments. However, more and more emphasis is being placed on the use of renewable energy sources. As part of the boiler subsidy, the state has supported the exchange of 120,000 energy sources for 11.8 billion kroner since 2015.

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