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Boiling in Kosovo...and NATO responds to "Serbia's request"

Boiling in Kosovo…and NATO responds to “Serbia’s request”

And I asked Belgrade He gave her the right to send a thousand Serbian soldiers and policemen to Kosovo On the impact of the growing tension in the north of the former separatist region.

The Italian General Angelo Michele Restuccia, commander of the peacekeeping force (infidels), to the Serbian request in a direct form, but he assured that his strength is still able to adjust the situation.

He said in a statement released NATOWe expect all parties to coordinate broadly with Kafour and refrain from any provocative show of force with the aim of ensuring the security of all groups.

“KFOR has all capabilities, including at the level of many, to ensure a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for all groups throughout Kosovo,” he added, referring to the mandate granted to his force by the United Nations.

“Since October, we have strengthened our presence, notably by sending additional troops and patrols to northern Kosovo this week,” he added.

Hundreds of Kosovo Serbs set up barriers that paralyzed movement at two border crossings with Serbia, in protest against the arrest of a former policeman.

Albanian-majority Kosovo declared its independence in 2008, which was not recognized by Serbia in parallel with its encouragement of the Serb minority to refuse to recognize the authority of Pristina.

Last Thursday, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced that the return of Serbian soldiers and policemen would be “important to protect the Serb population” in the former province and would “significantly reduce tensions.”

Crisis details

  • Tensions have escalated dramatically in northern Kosovo, where more than a third live Kosovo Serbs The 120,000, when it was announced Pristina Its intention is to hold elections in municipalities with a Serb majority.
  • The largest Serbian party announced that it would boycott the ballot and it was postponed Kosovo authorities Elections to April.
  • At the core of the dispute between Belgrade and PristinaThe Serb minority refused to recognize the authority of the Kosovo government at a time when Pristina wants to impose its sovereignty over the entire province.
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