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Book reveals Vermeer’s use of the “dark room”

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The famous Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam announced yesterday that the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer was, according to a new book about his biography, using an optical tool called the “dark room” to produce his paintings, which are known worldwide for their accuracy and the use of light in them.

The book tells that the painter learned to use the darkroom from clergy, revealing for the first time the influence of the Catholic Church in Vermeer (1632-1675), according to what the museum said in a statement.

The book, which will be published this month, by Gregor Weber, curator of fine arts at the museum, indicates that Vermeer’s house in Delft, between The Hague and Rotterdam, was located in an area that includes an inconspicuous church, and it is very likely that his first contact with clergy in what It’s about the dark room that happened there.

visual tool

The “dark room” is an optical device consisting of a piece or a dark box in which the external image is projected through a small hole or lens. This tool has been used in various forms for thousands of years. And the museum noted that the “lighting effects” caused by the dark room “are also present in Vermeer’s paintings, which constitutes additional evidence that the artist was inspired by the device.” Followers had speculated for years that Vermeer had used a darkroom to produce his works known as light and shadow.