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Boris Johnson responded to criticism by promising to support Afghan refugees

Boris Johnson responded to criticism by promising to support Afghan refugees


London (AFP)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday pledged a “warm welcome” to thousands of Afghan refugees arriving in the United Kingdom after facing criticism for their handling of deportation from Afghanistan.

London had announced that Afghans who had been deported to the United Kingdom for working in their country for Britain would be given unlimited residency rights and the right to work and the right to apply for British citizenship.

They will receive free health services, English language courses and university scholarships as part of a government initiative called “Health Reception”.

“We are very much indebted to those who served with the Armed Forces in Afghanistan and I am determined to provide them and their families with the support they need to rebuild their lives in the UK,” Boris Johnson said in a statement.

This comes on the heels of the British government’s assurance to AFP on Wednesday that Sir Simon Gass, the British special envoy for the relocation process in Afghanistan, was going to Doha to meet with Taliban leaders to secure a “freeway” for British citizens and its allies. After the extremist Islamic movement took control of the country of Afghanistan.

Britain has deported more than 15,000 people from Afghanistan since August 13, and more than 8,000 Afghans have worked with the British in their homeland, including in jobs including interpretation.

But the government faces a storm of criticism over the expulsion process, which ended on Saturday without expelling all candidates.

And British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on Friday that it was not possible to expel 150 Britons and 800 to 1,100 Afghans.

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The Foreign Office quoted Whistleblower as saying on Sunday that 5,000 emails sent by MPs and unions to report cases of Afghans at risk of retaliation from the Taliban had not been read.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb said on Tuesday that he was advising Afghanistan to withdraw from neighboring countries, explaining that Britain was trying to push the Taliban to respect its commitment to providing a safe passage.

Rob will be questioned Wednesday by members of the parliamentary foreign affairs committee.

Conservative MP who served in Afghanistan

“We never thought we would see US-led NATO forces turn against the people of Afghanistan tomorrow,” he added.

“A lot of arbitrary sentiments have become questions about the future of UK foreign policy,” he said. “How do we deal with the Taliban? How will Afghanistan affect our regional strategy? Rights setback?”