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والد بوريس جونسون ينتقد أوروبا: أزمة أوكرانيا عكست قيادة لندن وأهمية بريكست

Boris Johnson’s father criticizes Europe: Ukraine crisis reflects London leadership, Brexit importance

Stanley Johnson, the father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, explained that Brexit was “a good idea” as to why he led the UK “from the front” during the Ukraine crisis.“.

Stanley Johnson – a pro-European who voted to remain on the panel in the UK member referendum – criticized EU leaders for failing to act quickly enough to reduce oil imports or arms supplies to Ukraine..

He said LBC: “At this point, you have to say that Europe needs to step up its efforts. That is, Germany says it cannot reduce its oil imports. Well, why didn’t the rest of Europe come to Germany’s aid?.

Johnson added: “In this particular case, Brexit may have been a good idea because Boris was able to lead from the front here.“.

The prime minister’s father also said that the EU would be detained by Viktor Orban, a member of the Hungarian government and prime minister who was an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin..

He said: “You have Victor Orban, which prevents the European framework from making the right decisions.“.

Asked about Britain’s decision to send 120 armored vehicles and new anti-ship missile systems, Johnson said: “I think so. [قيادة المملكة المتحدة] That was very important. I think anti-ship missiles launched with [العربات المدرعة] – Essential “.

He added, “Europe should be far behind us. I still do not believe they have received the message.” “.

Despite the EU’s ban on coal from Russia and moves to ban oil, Russia’s gas supply between the 27 EU member states has proven to be very difficult..

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