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“Born together in an emergency +++

+++ Ukraine: “The United States will support us in the event of a war against Russia”. Sources: “Born in a hurry +++

Strict statement of the Kiev Ministry of Defense.

(First Page News)
Thursday 01 April 2021


01 April 2021 (First Page News)

Strict statement of the Kiev Ministry of Defense.

“If Russian aggression increases, the United States will not leave Ukraine and will not allow Moscow to pursue its aggression aspirations,” he said.

This was stated in a statement after a telephone conversation between the Kiev Defense Ministry, led by Minister Andrei Taran and the Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin.

The report, cited by Doss, states that the phone call was based on a US call.

In the event of a conflict with Russia, the Russian news agency reports that the Ukrainian Defense Ministry has “received assurances from the US military regarding US support.”

Meanwhile, diplomatic sources say an emergency meeting was held by NATO. The Coalition closely follows the evolution of the extreme situation.

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